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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

catching up

Wow, almost a week since my last post :-o. Not a whole lot going on here except work. Our work week goes by pretty fast and we are still enjoying being near family and friends this summer. We have 9 more weeks to fulfill our commitment with the KOA and are looking forward to being able to hitch up and see some different scenery again.
The staff here is shrinking again. The couple who cooks the breakfast shift Monday through Friday told the boss they will be leaving in a couple of weeks. They have workcamped here several years but decided they were done and put their 5th wheel up for sale. They have a winter home in Arizona and sounds like that will be their permanent residence for awhile.
I'm not sure what their leaving will mean for the rest of us. May see a schedule change and our duties change some. Guess we'll just wait and see. There is a new couple set to arrive in a week or so. They are currently having their 5th wheel repaired at the factory in Northern Indiana and will start work once that is completed.

Sunday we drove to our daughters house and helped them put the sweet corn crop into their freezer. They had most of the work done when we arrived so I spent most of time watching the Nascar race on tv :-).
Olivia, our youngest grand daughter, made the trip home with us. She is spending a couple of nights here for some one on one time before she heads back to school.

Yesterday we got busy and shampooed the carpet in the 5th wheel. We moved all the furniture out of the way and was able to give the carpets a good cleaning! I'm thinking we'll get better fuel mileage now that all that Texas caliche' dust has been removed :-).

Rudee will be driving to Plainfield today to take her Mom to a doctors appointment, take the shampooer back and deliver Olivia back to her parents. I'm going to be lazy and just hang around the 5er and have a "do nothing" day! I'll keep you posted.

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