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Friday, August 24, 2012

wedding plans

Our son is getting married in October in Pennsylvania. We have been making plans for "our portion" of the wedding. You know all those things the grooms parents are supposed to provide.
With the wedding in an unfamiliar area it has been a little bit of a challenge finding a suitable place for the rehearsal dinner. Rudee booked a place a couple of months ago and settled on the menu so at least that is out of the way.
Today I did what every man lives for, I took my wife dress shopping. Whoo hoo, that's always a "fun" time. :-)
We hit several of the bridal shoppes looking for "mother of the bride" dresses because they don't have anything called "mother of the groom" dresses. Don't ask me why.
I decided to be a good boy and help pick out a nice outfit for her keeping my fingers crossed that no one I actually knew walked in the door and caught me. :-) Sorry ladies but it's a guy thing, don't expect us to be happy just sitting around while you try on dress after dress after dress. Same goes for underwear shopping which by the way we have totally different ideas of what type and amount of material makes up a "nice" pair of ladies undies! :-)
Sooooo, back to the bridal shop ...... I found a really hot looking number in a color that would match her eyes and is not the same color as what the mother of the bride is wearing. I pulled it off the rack and showed it to Rudee who thought it looked pretty good. I checked the size, yep right size. I then checked the "other" tag. $39.50 Wow, what a deal! I was convinced we had found "the" dress, and it was on sale! That is when Rudee pointed out the decimal point was further to the right. Three Hundred and Ninety Five Dollars???!!! How do these people sleep at night? Now I know why we got the primo parking space right up front, no one can afford to shop here, including us so we headed for more "frugal" pastures. :-)
We did find her a nice dress at another bridal shop that did not have the word "boutique" in it's name. They didn't have any $39.50 dress' but the sticker shock was a little easier to take after that initial heart attack. :-) Plus she looks way Hot in her new digs! Now we have to look for shoes and a purse to match .... will it ever end! I'll keep you posted.


  1. And don't forget the other "accessories..." I'm sure we will see pictures of the hot outfit after the wedding. Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures.