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Thursday, August 2, 2012

working the week away!

Rudee made the trip to Plainfield and spent the day with her Mom and sister. Once her Mom's doctors appointment was out of the way they did some shopping and went out to eat making it a "girls day out". :-)
I, on the other hand, took a quick ride on the bike around town. I stopped in a few stores comparing prices on oil for the Freightliner. I need to get the oil changed before we leave here. The truck takes 10 gallons of oil at each change. No, that is NOT a typo, it actually holds 10 gallons! :-o
I found a decent deal at the local farm store, they were having a special on 2 gallon containers of the type I use. I usually buy the 5 gallon buckets but this time the smaller containers are a better deal at just under $100 total.
While riding I noticed the skies getting darker and decided to head home. As usual we had storms all around us but no rain for us. It is so dry here that it will need to rain for several days to rehydrate all the plants and grass.

I was talking to Dave, one of the other work campers, and he told me they had to take the boss man to the hospital. They were trimming some trees and one of the limbs had one of this attached to it

The hornets didn't take kindly to him disturbing their home and he got stung 17 times before he could get away from them. They gave him some benedryl at the hospital and sent him back home to rest. He is fine now and back to work but we still have some p/o'd hornets to deal with. I'm not sure what the plan is going to be but right now we are leaving them alone. Their nest is away from any campers and high enough in the air that they should not bother anybody until we can get them removed.

The weather here is still hot for Indiana, upper 90's most of this week. The ac's are getting a work out but are doing a good job of keeping us cool.
We did venture out Wednesday morning. We picked up the oil I found and then stopped at Napa and got the filters. Doing the basic service on the truck (oil, all filters and lube) costs about $200 as long as I do the labor myself. We only run about 5,000 miles per year on the semi so the good thing is I only have to change it once per year.
Ryan, Amanda and the kids are coming for a cook out this week end so looks like I may have some "cheap labor" available to help me. :-) I'll keep you posted.


  1. You find everything you need on the internet!!


    1. Jim and Judy,

      They had a "professional" come in this evening to dispose of it. Climbed up a step ladder and put a trash bag over the nest and pulled it off the limb. He swatted a few of the hornets with his ball cap but did not get stung. His only "uniform" was his ball cap, no other protective gear at all! Frankly I think the guy was NUTS!!


  2. I have watched people dispose of hornets and wasps the same way. They are braver than me! Enjoying your blog very much.