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Monday, October 15, 2012

busy, busy week.

Well we got'em married. :-)
The wedding was Saturday at 3:30 with the reception at a nearby hall shortly afterward. Our week was filled with errands and helping handle all the gazillion details that have to be done before the wedding.
Our campsite for the week was nice but not as "spacious" as we would have liked. Our 5th wheel pretty much filled the pull through site leaving us only a small area to park the Dakota parallel to the road. We had to park the semi on the other side of the park next to the office. The place was quiet though and we both slept very well, when we got the chance. :-)
We spent several evenings at my son's future in laws home. We helped get all the party favors and decorations ready for the reception.
Friday was the rehearsal at the church with the wedding party and both sets of parents. The presiding official was the mayor of nearby Harrisville Borough, Jere Donovan. We were all instructed on how to do our "part" and then headed for the rehearsal dinner. Rudee had made all the arrangements for the dinner which was no easy task being several hundred miles away and not familiar with the area. We had 3 large tables full of people and the food was really good. We sat with the in laws and the Mayor and his wife Novelle. We all had a good time sharing stories and the night went by way too fast.
Saturday was wedding day and Rudee was up early to meet the rest of the girls at the beauty shop where they all got their hair done for the wedding.
We all met at the church about an hour before the ceremony. The bride and her attendants were in their room and Matthew with his groomsmen were in another room where they were all getting themselves fixed up and ready. :-)
The ceremony was very nice and will be a special memory for us for years to come.
Once the pictures were over with we all headed out to meet back up with the guests at the reception. "It's party time"!!
We ate, talked, drank and danced the night away. The DJ was top notch and we all had a great time. Here is the bride and groom dancing the first dance.

Rudee even got me out there a couple of times. :-)

Our daughter Amanda came with the grand kids so we got to spend some quality time with them too. Plus we got better acquainted with Jere (the Mayor) and Novelle. They are a really great couple and we were so happy we got to spend some time with them. I think Jere would love to get an RV and give this full time thing a try. Novelle, on the other hand, is not quite as "eager" as he is. :-).

Sunday we slept in a little while. That partying stuff wears this old Dude out! :-)
We then met Amanda and the kids for a late breakfast before they headed back to Indiana. We were sitting at the restaurant and guess who walked in, yep Jere and Novelle. We got the chance to say "see ya later" to them again and they invited us to camp in their back yard next time we were in the area. Thanks guys, we may take you up on that sometime. :-)
There were a few tears shed as we said goodbye to the grand kids :-(. We are not sure where we will be heading next but I'm sure it will be interesting. I'll keep you posted.


  1. So glad the wedding turned out so well! Was wondering how everything went :)

  2. Congrats on getting a new daughter in law. I hope we reach that mile stone one day. Our son is 32 going on 24. At least he is out on his own making good money.