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Sunday, October 28, 2012

last bike ride of the season?

Wednesday evening we stopped by Grumpy's Goldwing Service and picked up our Harley. We have been friends and riding buddies with Grumpy for over 20 years and he has performed a lot of service on our bikes in that time. We have decided to store the Harley at his shop until we can get a lift put on the motorhome to carry it. Our hope is by next spring we can once again have all our toys traveling together again. :-)

Our local Goldwing chapter was having a dinner ride so we rode to the assigned meeting place with Grumpy and his pretty lady Kay. The weather sure was nice and we only had light jackets on for the ride. Our good buddy Rob Runion was leading to the restaurant in Danville, Indiana and we ended up with 13 motorcycles in our group.

We had a nice meal and an even better ride! Thursday was predicted to be the last day of this warm spell so we decided to keep the bike one more day to take advantage of what will probably be our last ride before storing it again for the winter. :-(

Rudee and I hopped on the bike shortly after breakfast. The temps were cool enough for a heavy sweatshirt but promised to warm up. We had no idea where we were heading but just wanted to ride!
I pointed the headlight South and then East. We decided to cruise through the city and check out the changes to Indy since the Super Bowl. Downtown was buzzing with young people attending the National FFA Convention. There were blue jackets everywhere!
We passed through downtown and headed East on U.S. 40 which is the main E/W highway through Indianapolis.
Our destination was the Indy East KOA where friends Wayne and Sherry Hutchins had spent the summer work camping. Unfortunately their day off was today and no one was home at their 5th wheel. We left them a note on their door and headed back out on the highway.
Like all good things this ride also must end. :-) We headed for Grumpy's shop in Thorntown and arrived there around 5pm and pulled the bike back into its parking spot for the winter. Grumpy will keep the battery hooked to a trickle charger and before arriving I filled the gas tank full of fuel and treated it with Stabil gas stabilizer. Doing this should help us get it started next spring when we are itching for another ride after the long winter.

The last couple of days we have ran a few errands but otherwise have just hung around the motorhome. Today we have plans to head into Lebanon and find a restaurant where we can eat and enjoy the Colts game on TV. We have sent out some invitations to some of our friends to join us, no word back yet but ..... I'll keep you posted.


  1. Fall is a great time for a ride, on a Harley or even in a pickup as we do. Wondering when the leaves are at their best in Indiana.

  2. Any word on when you guys will be working again for the storage company? Just curious as this was an avenue we considered when we hit the road a couple of years ago.