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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

better get movin'!

Not a whole lot to report from our little slice of heaven here in the giggle weeds. We have about another week to go with the current crew. Things should slow back down after they leave.

We are still splitting our shifts and most nights I have been able to squeeze in an hour or two nap during the night. These guys sure do start early. The majority of them start rolling through the gate around 4am. There is usually a pretty steady stream of them in their pick up trucks (all white, of course) until after 5am and then it's mostly semi trucks coming and going the rest of the time.
The caterer has been making regular appearances too! We had a whole pile of chicken fingers and fried Okra a couple of days ago. We ate some, froze some and had enough left over to pass out to friends and fellow gate guards Kit and Jerry who are just a few miles away from us on a gate.
Today we had bacon cheeseburgers with baked beans. UMMMMM Good!

The other day this guy landed on a post at the entrance to our gate.

Looks like he was looking for an easy meal. I guess I may need to get up and start moving a little more so he doesn't mistake me for road kill! :-)

Tomorrow I will make the trip into Cotulla to pick up our mail and groceries. Several of the guys are meeting at JJ's Restaurant for a late lunch and that is always a good time too. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Could you send some okra our way? We're in southern Nevada so you think they'd have some. Guess we'll have to find a Cracker Barrel!