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Monday, March 25, 2013

short timin'

As expected the crew arrived to perform the next process on the wells that are past our gate. We have been busy signing in and out all the workers and are trying to get the feel for the "ebb and flow" of this crew. The work they are doing will not take too long and they are predicting they will be done with the first well tomorrow and move to the other well and start working on it. That is only 2-3 days per well and then they will pick up the circus tents and head for their next site.
We are starting to fold our tents up as well. Rudee and I uncovered the Harley, cleaned some of the caliche' dust off of it and loaded it onto the lift mounted on the back of the motor home. Rudee had a little excitement when she took the cover off the bike and found a scorpion hiding underneath. She let out a few squeals and did a funny kind of dance that must have driven the scorpion away because I never did see it. :-)

Wednesday is departure day and we are looking forward to getting things back to normal again. Our replacements will be escorted to our site by one of the service guys for our company who will help them get set up and top off the water and diesel tank. Our plan is to have everything unhooked and the motor home moved before they arrive. There is a large area just outside the gate where we can park until they arrive and once we fill them in on the gate procedures we will head on down the road.

Our friends and fellow Hoosiers Kit and Jerry sent us an email that they had been offered another gate near Dilley, Texas. They had driven over to check it out and it sounds like a really nice gate. They accepted the position and were moving their rig over today to get settled in. Welcome back to the oil patch guys! :-)

Rudee asked me the other day what I wanted to do first after leaving the gate. I think the thing I miss most is just being able to go somewhere together. We didn't get to celebrate her Birthday so maybe I'll take her out for a nice dinner ........ hmmmmmm, sounds like a plan is forming. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Yuck! Scorpions! I've been watching my step as we walk in the desert. Rattlesnakes have been spotted on the road coming into Echo Bay.

    I know you guys are looking forward to moving on. Have a safe trip.

  2. So Rudee, is the scorpion dance anything like the snake dance?

  3. Yikes, not too sure I would want a scorpion sighting..especially when you don't expect it :)

  4. Exciting times, moving on. We too are preparing fot a cure of a case of Hitch Itch. We will however be anchored for Three Months.

    Safe travels and can't wait to see how things go for you in SD.