"if you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room"

Friday, March 8, 2013

more excitement

Wednesday Rudee took over the gate earlier than normal so I could get some sleep before heading into town. She woke me up shortly after noon and I was able to meet the guys in Cotulla for a nice lunch. Afterwards I filled up our portable propane bottle that had ran dry a few days ago. We have been using it since we arrived at the gate the 30 lbs (approx. 7 gallons) lasted us for 6 weeks. The Ace Hardware is the only place to refill propane in Cotulla so I was surprised when the charge was only $20. Seems like most of the stores around here have "boom town" prices. Back in Indiana I have seen prices in the high $20 range so felt like I was getting a pretty good deal here.
I stopped at the store and did the shopping as well as picked up our mail at the post office. Before leaving town I hit the drive through at Mc Donald's and brought us a fast food treat home for dinner.

Back at the gate Rudee was having some excitement of her own when this guy came hauling butt across the ranch.

Seems like another pick up truck carrying illegals had ditched just off the highway and they had fled on foot onto the ranch next to ours. This is the 2nd week in a row this has happened. They had a helicopter circling and Rudee said it was so close that the rotor blades would cast a shadow over the motor home windshield when it flew over! :-o
By the time I got back they were all leaving and we heard they had picked up four illegals but were not sure how many, if any, were still on the run. Needless to say I was on high alert the rest of the night.

Thursday the ranch owner and his wife came through and were checking their fences for damage, They stopped and talked awhile and told us that Wednesdays seem to be the day for illegals to be in the area. Not sure why but they said when they hear the Border Patrol helicopter circling they know it must be Wednesday. :-)

The gate is still really busy and we are both ready for the slow down. We are not sure when that will happen but are keeping our fingers crossed it will be soon. We are doing way too many trips in and out the door! I'll keep you posted.


  1. That will keep your heart pumping, for sure!

  2. The park where I'm staying/working in Mission, TX is literally blocks from the border. We occasionally have a few illegals run through. Border patrol is a constant presence though. Some nights there are helicopters going overhead all night. Still, never feel unsafe. The illegals are just trying to get as far from the border as fast as possible here.

  3. I hope that the IA's are not an issue where ever they put me. I saw a few last summer, but never felt threatened.