"if you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room"

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a walk on the wild side

A couple of weeks ago Rudee took a day trip with some of the "motorcycle ladies". They drove to Cincinnati and went shopping  at Ikea and a grocery store called Jungle Jim's. Our daughter Amanda went along as well and they came home with these.

We breaded and fried the alligator using a cajun seasoning and it was really good. The elk and kangaroo were made into patties and grilled. The results were pretty mixed. The alligator was a big hit, the kangaroo not so much. :-)

Now here is my idea of cooking out.

This was dinner last night with our son in law Ryan manning the grille. Our son Matthew and his wife Mandio were visiting and we all had a great time just sitting around the table eating and talking. Ryan even pounded some stakes in the ground and we pitched some horseshoes. Thanks Guys! I have needed a night like that for a long time!

The appointments for Rudee's treatments have started. They are looking at surgery as early as next week and we have 3 more appointments between now and Friday. We are anxious to get the treatments started and get rid of this cancer, it just doesn't fit our lifestyle and has to go!

On the insurance front, the trailer has been totaled and we received a very fair offer. The bike, on the other hand, is moving at a slower pace. They were supposed to call yesterday to give me an update but, as usual, no one called. Geico has yet to fulfill even one expectation they have set for themselves and I find this very disappointing. When I called and reported the claim they told me I would be contacted in 2-3 business days, I ended up calling them on  business day #4 because no one had called. The adjuster then told me he would call me by 10am the next day, never happened. When I called him the following day he was full of excuses, "3rd largest insurance company in the Nation", "busy with lots of storm related claims" etc. I really didn't care to listen to his excuses, he set the expectation, he needs to live up to it! They finally decided the motorcycle was totaled and are due at some point to go and evaluate it for a settlement offer. I have been told this should occur by tomorrow but have my doubts since I didn't get the call yesterday, communication and follow through have been non-existent on their part. I do still have some contacts in the insurance business so I can "shake a few trees" if I have too. :-)

Yesterday on our way back home from the doctors office we stopped and did some mushroom hunting. I love Morel mushrooms! Blame my Dad, he taught me to mushroom hunt as soon as I could walk! Eagle Creek Park is a really nice city park on the northwest side of Indianapolis. The park is more like a State Park then a city park and has a large woods surrounding a reservoir where we could try our luck. We hunted a couple of areas but the ground was still really soggy with some areas of standing water. Moving to higher ground we spotted a good looking area and started walking into the woods when Rudee yelled "snake"! Needless to say that ended our day of mushroom hunting! Snake 1 Mushrooms 0. :-)

We will be busy with Rudee's appointments for the next several days, but maybe I can coax her back into the woods to look for some more mushrooms. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Good luck on both the Dr's and the mushrooms..

  2. I like your comment about cancer not fitting into your lifestyle. That's the way we looked at it. We got in there, got 'er done (treatments) and were on our way. I'm sure all will go well and you are a great support group for Rudee. We continue to pray for healing and that the doctors work their magic.


  3. Man that cook out looks good.
    I have never hunted mushrooms, have eaten my share thanks to a brother in law. Need to try that minus the snakes of course. Good luck with the insurance co. what a pain, and of course hope all goes well with Rudee and those Dr. Appointments.