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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

wet weather

Not a whole lot to write about here. We have been in a cycle of rain and thunderstorms plus the temperatures have been yo yoing up and down.
Friends Rob and Jany spent another week end here in the park and we actually got to take a short ride on the motorcycles.
I did manage to rescue a piece of diamond plate that I took off the semi a couple of years ago. I had it on a scrape pile at Ryan and Amanda's place. The sheet was a 4'x8' piece that made up part of a covering for the spare tire(s) on the back deck. My plan is to cut it down to size apply some spray on bedliner material to it and have a sturdy, non-skid "runway" on the floor of the trailer for the bike.
Monday I cut off what I needed and gave the rest to Rob to do the same on his Raptor Toyhauler.

Speaking of the trailer, we used it to pick up a new refrigerator for our daughter Amanda. On the way to her house, in the rain of course :-( , we ran into a small amount of hail. :-o I was able to pull off the road and got some partial protection from some overhanging tree limbs but now the trailer has several small dimples on the front "V". Guess the "new" got worn off pretty quick on that one. We are not sure if we will turn in an insurance claim or not. The damage is pretty minor and we are weighing if the small claim is worth the risk of our rates going up. :-) We may take the trailer back to the dealer and get an estimate to see exactly what we are dealing with.
Not to be outdone Amanda was on her way home from work at the same time and her van got peppered with the hail. She has dents all over the hood and roof as well as a few others scattered on the sides. I really thought I gave all that "hail damage appraisal" stuff up when I retired. :-)

We have no real plans today and, of course, it is raining again. In fact they are predicting rain and thunderstorms everyday this week. :-(
Guess we will just roll with the flow. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Sitting here watching the weather all I see is rain.. getting real tired of it.

  2. We made it to Colorado! Woke up to snow Sunday. Very scenic! As you know, snow excites us Floridians! We're hoping the weather allows us to see the Braves play the Rockies in Denver next week. They've
    really had the snow!

    1. Steve and Joan,
      Growing up in Indiana I have had enough snow to last me a lifetime! :-) You guys have fun! Don't you go trading the Harleys for snowmobiles! LOL