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Sunday, June 9, 2013


Today is our Friday and once we finish work this evening we will be off for two days! Thank goodness, we are both stiff and sore from all the standing we do. I know we will get back in shape soon but it has just been too long since we have had to "man a post" for 8 hours at a time. :-)

The other morning I heard a loud "BOOM" that made me jump from my chair. It came from the direction of the Memorial and this view confirmed they were blasting away some rocks.

You kind of forget this is a working sculpture and they are blasting, chiseling and shaping almost everyday.

I got an interesting email yesterday. You might remember we had contracts signed to work in the bookstores at Mount Rushmore. When Rudee was diagnosed and started treatment we called our supervisor and explained our difficulties. She was very nice and told us they would "work with us" and gave her our new arrival date of June 1st. Ten days before we were supposed to leave she sent us an email that our jobs had been filled and she wished us well and perhaps next year would work out better if we were still interested. We were both looking forward to working in the Black Hills and the job sounded interesting as well. We were very disappointed and kind of felt like we were getting kicked while we were down. We scrambled to find another position for the summer which led us to Crazy Horse. Anyway, I got this email from the supervisor at Mount Rushmore. She told me that our replacement had turned in their notice and she was looking for help and was hoping we would consider leaving here and coming to work for her. Hmmmm, took us about 2 seconds to decide what to do on that request. :-)
I sent her an email back, thanked her for her interest in us and explained we were grateful that the Crazy Horse Memorial give us positions and were loving our new jobs and no, we would be staying and working here this summer. I think Karma must have struck! :-)

We are looking forward to our days off so we can do some exploring. We need some "wind therapy" on the bike to heal our aching feet and backs! I'll keep you posted.


  1. Sometimes folks just don't get it, do they? Glad Crazy Horse is working out. I've heard it can be a bit fickle there, but so long as you are good with not finding out your schedule for the next day till the last minute I think you will be fine.
    Enjoy the ride!

  2. Your experience sounds like our first workamping gig, the one that didn't happen. We got half way to Wisconsin to a KOA when I received an email saying they didn't need us. Lovely. We had been in touch and they knew we were en route. Didn't even have the courtesy to make a phone call. As my Dad used to say, the best revenge is to live a good life. Sounds like that's what ya'll are doing. I know we are!

  3. We happened to visit Crazy Horse on a day of a blast and there were some dignataries in attendance. We spent most of the day there and thoroughly enjoyed it. The only thing is after being there and THEN going to Mt Rushmore the next day, Mt Rushmore seemed dwarfed by Crazy horse. We also loved the area but were unable to bring our bikes along :( and all we could say as we were driving around in the truck was what a great ride all these roads would be! Oh well, always another year.
    Sounds like you two are doing great! Take care.

  4. sounds like what goes around comes around. Enjoy

  5. The folks at Mt. Rushmore had there chance!!

  6. Funny how things work out sometimes. Glad you are enjoying your new jobs. It does take time to get back in shape after vacationing.

    Enjoy your bike ride! Be safe!