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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh, the people we meet!

Yesterday I worked a variety of places at Crazy Horse. I divided my time between the entrance gate, welcome center and one of the museums. I kind of like that because it breaks up my day and I get to spend time talking with the guests more.
While I was manning the gate a group of Harleys came through. I collected their fee and one guy looked awfully familiar. I thought I knew him and asked where he was from. He said Tennessee and that just didn't jog anything in my tiny memory so I left it alone.
Shortly after that I went to lunch and while sitting in our break area I saw him and his group walking around the grounds and the light bulb in my head flashed on! That's Stu McNicol who is married to fellow blogger Froggi Donna! I dropped my sandwich and went outside to meet him. Sure enough it was Stu and he was on a bike trip with some of his buddies from his days at the firehouse in Maryland. This is what messed me up at the gate. I knew he retired from the fire department but forgot they bought some property in Tennessee.
We talked for a few minutes and then I left them alone to finish their tour, plus I was hungry. :-)
When I got off work I sent Donna an email about our meeting and she mentioned it in here blog here:
2taking 5th

This is the second time I have happened across bloggers by accident. The first time was in Indiana in line  to pay at the Camping World store and the lady in front of me looked awfully familier. Turns out it was Kit from http://www.kitandjerry.com.
I guess you just never know who you might run into while you travel around this great Country. Pretty cool stuff, don't ya think? I'll keep you posted


  1. Very fun to meet fellow RV bloggers!

  2. That one of the many things that makes this life so much fun. By the time you meet someone face to face, you feel like you already know so well!

  3. We've met so many bloggers over the years. One of these days just might run into you too!