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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

last day of "freedom"

Today is our last "free" day before starting our jobs at Crazy Horse. We got an email yesterday that our one day orientation class has been postponed until there are more participants. Sounds like we are the only couple starting work this week. We should get our schedule sometime today and will start doing OTJ ("on the job") Training.
The weather has been nice enough for us to enjoy some time on the bike. Yesterday we rode through Wind Cave National Park and ended up in Custer State Park. We saw quite a bit of wild life and did our best to "steer clear" of the Buffalo as they crossed the road. :-)

We have been very pleased with our AT&T Mifi purchase. We have been getting a consistent 4g signal  with our cell booster antenna and have been enjoying the faster internet speed compared to our old Virgin unit.

One question we have had was why we picked South Dakota as our domicile state. We had maintained our Indiana residence while we were still working our fulltime careers by using a PMB (personal mail box) at the local UPS store. This worked fine for an address but Indiana is a very conservative state and does not recognize that as being our "legal home". We had a very difficult time registering to vote. The people at the courthouse finally got us registered as "homeless" using the address for the courthouse on our registrations. What a pain! We decided since we were no longer working in Indiana we would research alternatives and that led us to either Texas or South Dakota, both are very "Fulltimer friendly". Both states have their advantages and disadvantages. Neither have a state income tax but Texas does have vehicle inspections and require an endorsement on your drivers license to operate a large motor home. South Dakota does not require either and the process of changing domicile seemed easier in SD.
Our vehicle insurance dropped a noticeable amount when we changed to SD as well.
Please don't just take my word or experiences on something as important as changing your residency. Research what state works best in "your situation" as everyone is different. You need to research what impact this could have on your health insurance as well as any property you may own or other income you may have.

Today is supposed to be kinda cool around here so we are planning on taking it easy. We may venture out to run some errands but will probably just rest up for our first work day tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.


  1. We stayed in that area several years ago with our family. I would highly recommend touring both Wind Cave and Jewel Cave. They are very different caves and great tours. Good luck on the new jobs!

  2. We went and talked to the local voting office as we get closer to the sell of our home (Fri) and have found they really don't know how to cope with Full-time RVers. I wanted to maintain our Ga residency but I can see that is not going to work. I am going to look at FL and if that doesn't look good I guess I will be looking at SD or TX.

  3. Beautiful motorcycle ride!! We've ridden that before on a motorcycle trip through the area. Hope all goes well with your first day!!

  4. Sounds great. Rest up, there will be plenty of time and a bunch of stuff to see.
    Just sent an email ref questions about GG'ing. Interested in what the details are on that antenna for the MIFI also?
    Have fun.