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Saturday, August 3, 2013

bikes, bikes and more bikes!

The annual Sturgis Bike Week motorcycle rally kicks off this week end. We have seen a huge spike in the number of bikes on the road around here. That also means more business at Crazy Horse. I have been scheduled for overtime everyday this week and expect that to continue through next week as well. We are planning a trip over to Sturgis either Monday or Tuesday, maybe both days. :-)
I promise to pry the camera away from Rudee and get some pictures of the "sights" but first we have to get through the rest of the work week.

The weather has been a little challenging here with storms popping up almost everyday. We were awakened at 3:30 am this morning with rain, lightning and thunder ....... then the hail started. That stuff was really loud on our fiberglass roof! Once it got daylight we checked the vehicles and didn't see any real damage so it must have been small but there sure was a lot of it!

I work today from 11 am until closing at the entrance gate and it looks like it will be another busy day. One good thing about being on my feet all day running in and out of the ticket booth is I have lost 10 lbs! I'm not getting too excited about it though because I usually gain that much while sitting still doing gate guarding. Maybe I'll do my New Years resolution early and keep the flab to a minimum this year. :-) I'll keep you posted.


  1. Looking forward to some interesting pictures.

  2. How do you like your job at Crazy Horse? We're thinking about applying for work there next summer. Any tips you could give me about the job or hiring process would be appreciated. We've talked about gate guarding, too, but I think I would really love Crazy Horse. Do they hire RVers for different types of jobs like the museum or gift shop? Did you get any say over which position you were offered?

    Really enjoying blog!


  3. Looks like the good times keep rolling. We continue to deal with spotty internet access. Still working on a solution. Good to check today and see you guys are still having good times.