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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

looking for the next big thing

Things are getting quieter here in the Black Hills and the past week at work we have seen a decrease in visitors now that most schools are back in session. We are starting to think about our future for this winter as well. Our current finances dictate that we will need to make a wage this winter so we have narrowed our search to those places that provide us with some income. Unfortunately they seem to be few and far between as far as work camping jobs. Most of the campgrounds that are in areas where they can stay open during the winter tend to offer work in exchange for site situations. I guess they are in the warmer, more sought after winter climates so they seem to have enough interest from workers who are just looking for a warm place to park in exchange for a few hours of labor per week.
We have considered doing the Gate Guarding thing again this year but, frankly, we have been dreading being so isolated and being tied down to the 24 hours a day 7 days a week this work requires. We considered doing the sugar beet harvest but I don't think Rudee is up for the "work in the elements, manual labor" that this job entails.
I have made inquiries on a couple of jobs in Workamper News but I have not heard anything from one of them and the other said they were not currently hiring and haven't been for several months. This puzzled me that they would pay for a new advertisement for workers but then not have any openings. They told me I would be an excellent candidate and to check back every few weeks in case things changed. Oh well, back to the search.
We decided to apply to Amazon for their work camper program. The work only lasts until late December and is not our first choice in work camping but at least we'll be making some $$'s to get us by for a few months. We are waiting now for their call and interview to see if we have a job or need to keep looking.
Such is the life of a work camping full time RVer just trying to keep the dream alive. I'll keep you posted.


  1. We have said the same thing, that we will need to find a paying job once in awhile to keep our cash coffers built up. Don't want to hit the pension since it's not looking hot with the stock market right now :) Not sure Amazon is right for us with the standing so much, but it is an option.

  2. We'll be at the Coffeyville, Kansas Amazon facility from mid October until they release us. This will be our third year. It's hard being on your feet for 10 hour shifts, but otherwise not too bad.

  3. We are going to Amazon in Kansas start Oct 3 good luck..

  4. Have you thought about doing another KOA, maybe in northen CA?
    I talked to them a few days ago , but I'm not looking for now, but next summer.

  5. Have you ever looked into selling Christmas Trees or Pumpkins? I don't know much about either of these but I do know they employ workampers sometimes. I remember reading something on RV net a few years ago about a company that hired RVers to put up Christmas decorations. That seemed like a pretty cool job. You've probably heard of all these things already, I just thought I'd throw them out here. Good luck!

  6. Another resource is telecommuting if you have a reliable Internet source. I'm actually working 3 part-time jobs through oDesk as a virtual assistant. oDesk is an online temp agency. Free to register, clients pay oDesk and oDesk does direct deposit to me (the contractor). One of my jobs is data entry, another is related to blogs/social media/administrative assistant and the third is as a personal assistant. All sorts of jobs available, everything from high-tech to writers to customer service to admin assistant to . . . well, you name it if it can be done remotely. Drop me an email if you want more info - bettyb dot txyellowrose on gmail. It's a way to pick up a bit of extra $$ and the jobs go with you! Glad you guys are doing good and that Rudee is feeling fine!