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Friday, August 30, 2013


During our days off this last week we decided to dial things back a little bit, or so I thought. Monday we took a much needed trip to the Super Walmart to stock up on groceries. The cupboards were getting a little bare. :-)
Once we made it back to the camper and got everything put away it was getting late in the afternoon so we decided to take a drive along some of the National Forest Service roads. We set our sites towards Bear Mountain where they maintain a fire tower at the peak. The roads are gravel but are fairly well maintained, even so it was still slow going with all the curves and switchbacks. The 14 mile drive took us about 40 minutes but we were rewarded with a nice view at the top.

There was even an RVer backed into a spot next to the fire tower.  No one was around the RV but it was obviously a long term set up so maybe he mans the look out?
We enjoyed our drive and saw a lot of wild life including, Deer, Rabbits, Turkeys and one small snake that Rudee could have gone without seeing. :-)

Once back at the campsite I threw a couple of steaks on the grill along with some corn on the cob. I soak the ears (still in their husks) in cold water for an hour or two and then place them (whole) on the grille. I turn the corn when the husks start to turn dark brown and they come out great! I also started a campfire with a bundle of wood we purchased. We even ate outside under the awning, just like "regular" campers! I love spending time like that and we even had some visitors from some of the other work campers who dropped by to share our fire. :-)

I have written before about one of our perks here being a VIP pass that gets us into a lot of the tourist attractions for free. Rudee was checking into things to do and stumbled across a Zip line that was free for us. OH BOY! Those of you that know me, know that I really don't like to be dangling above some deep abyss where falling would cause you a very painful death. Being the sport that I am and seeing that Rudee really wanted to go I decided to give it a try. We rode the bike over and got our tickets for the "ride". There was another couple in front of us so we got to watch them take the plunge.

I also got the chance to check the cable for any fraying that I was certain would be there. :-)
All too soon it was our turn to go and we got strapped into the chair. You ride side by side in a ski lift type chair dangling from a cable that was looking smaller by the minute!

Before I knew it they opened the gate in front of us and we were off!

The ride was actually kind of pleasant but once we reached the bottom I found out why they put two seat belts on us. The stop was a little sudden! I can't remember the last time I was able to touch my nose to my knees but I sure came close last Tuesday! :-)

We both enjoyed the ride and Rudee treated me to an ice cream cone afterwards for being a good boy and conquering my fear. All in all a fun day! I'll keep you posted.

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  1. I used to be up for any type of ride at amusement parks, etc. Not any more. This old body just can't take it. A Zip Line? Maybe but probably not.

    What a view it must have been.