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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

and the remodel continues

One of the additional things we wanted to do during our visit to Indiana was to replace the day/night shades in the motorhome. We didn't know we wanted to do that before we replaced the valances but afterwards it was apparent they had seen their better days. Getting called to Amazon early put a crimp in our plans to get this job done. What a pleasant surprise to find a Lowes store here in Campbellsville. We had already researched which blinds we wanted and Lowes sold them. Cool!
Monday night I measured all the old blinds and we took that info with us to Lowes once we were off work Tuesday. They cut the blinds to our measurements and we were in business! The blinds we chose are stringless (YEA!) Levolor Cellular Shades. We chose a sand color and decided to use "light filtering" blinds in the living area and a "room darkening"  style in the bedroom.

Rudee and I removed the old blinds and hung the new ones one at a time. The job went fairly well as long as you don't mind trying to stand on your head while you are driving screws. :-)

Not too bad if I do say so myself!

While cruising the internet the other day I happened across an ad for a used truck topper. A small dealer had it advertised on craigslist and was only about an hour away so we drove over. He was pretty anxious to get rid of it and cut the price down to "bare bones" so we snatched it up!

I had looked at brand new ones but, with prices well over $1000.00, they just didn't fit our budget. Ya, I know the color is not a perfect match but with all the body panels having that "golf ball" look from the hail you hardly notice. :-)

We report for work tonight at 5:30 pm for our first time on "D" shift. We will be doing process training for a couple of hours and then will be doing our actual jobs with our trainer alongside us the rest of the night. We get off at 10:30 and plan to stay up for awhile to start getting our bodies used to our new sleep patterns. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. So much nicer when you can do it yourself! Good looking!