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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

one last project and then back to work

The hail storm last month really did a number on our slide out awnings and they needed replaced.
Here are just some of the impacts from the hail on one of awnings.

I did some research on various RV forums and the internet and decided to do the project myself, with a little help from Rudee of course. While doing the research I was referred to Tough Top Awnings. Their website had video (plus written) instructions on how to measure and order the replacement material. I measured our slideouts and entered the dimensions on their quote form on the website. Within a couple of hours I had a quote back and placed the order. The toppers arrived in a week and we were ready to begin. I viewed the installation video several times and it didn't sound too hard ..... famous last words. :-)
I gathered up the tools and got the ladders out of my son in laws garage. We started with the living room slide since it would probably be the hardest since it was the longest of the two. I followed the directions and removed the hardware they recommended, unrolled the excess awning around the roller tube and pulled it off. No turning back now!

The next job was threading the awning back onto the rail mounted on the motor home and at the same time feeding it into the slot in the roller tube. This is where I needed help and as luck would have it the school bus stopped and dropped off my Grandson right at the right time. :-) While I guided the new fabric into the rails Rudee and Nicholas held it high above their heads to keep it from catching.

We gently pulled and tugged the awning back into place and gave it a test run before I re-attached the hardware. Success! Looks really good too!

Now for the bedroom slide. I did the same process as on the living room and it did prove to be easier then the front. The entire job took us a little over an hour and saved us a ton of $$'s over an RV dealership doing the job. I can't say enough about Tough Top Awnings. Their replacement fabric is heavier then the OEM and it fit our slide out measurements perfectly. The videos they have on their website were top notch and gave me the confidence to do the job.

Yesterday we got our start date at Amazon as November 4th and they said they would contact us if they had any earlier openings. This morning we had an email from them asking if we wanted to start next Monday! Holy Smoke! That's only a few days away! We decided to take them up on their offer so are preparing to leave for Kentucky this week end. I guess the projects will be on hold for awhile while we head out on our next adventure. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Great job on the slide topper! I don't know that we would have tackled a project like that. Looks great!

    It will be great to meet you guys this weekend. We work on Sunday so we will probably see you when we get home around 4:45.

  2. You're the third blogger I know that is going to work at Amazon, KY. We think we're going to be next..next season.

  3. You tha man! Great job! I tell Steve all the time how helpful it is to have a handyman on board. Hope the Amazon job works well for you guys. We're still waiting and waiting and waiting.

  4. I've heard very good testimonials from seasonal Amazon workers. I understand they expect WORK but it is great pay & perks. Looking forward to your reports.

  5. Hey you guys ! November the 4th is also our start date at Campbellsville's Amazon SDF-1. We will be at the Green River state park. It will be our fifth year with Amazon, our fourth at Campbellsville. Hope to see you guys there !
    harm & bett