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Sunday, October 13, 2013

more changes

With the new couch installed our attention was drawn to the opposite side of the motorhome to the old, dilapidated, stained recliner which I'm sure was original to the coach when it was built in 2002. The chair would even "leak" small pieces of foam while you sat in it!
Tuesday, with a new chair on our minds, we headed north to the Elkhart, Indiana area to check out some of the RV surplus business'. We didn't start out until almost noon and it is a 2 1/2 hour drive so we got there a little late. Luckily two of the stores were just over the state line into Michigan and were on Central time so we gained an hour. :-)
We looked at several models of chairs and the quality was all across the board, we all know that there are a lot of "cheap" furniture they put into RVs but there are also some high quality, long lasting brands as well. The latter is what we were shopping for.
We looked at (and sat in) chair after chair in several of the shops and were about to give up and head for a Lazy Boy store when I spotted a nice looking Euro Recliner at RV Surplus Salvage. I have not been a huge fan of these style of chairs but this one was very comfortable and was made by Flexsteel who have a good reputation for quality in the RV community. I sat in it for quite a while and liked it plus it's dimensions matched our old chair. There was no price tag on the chair so we inquired and their response sealed the deal. $275 for the chair and ottoman and they would even load it in the back of our truck ...... SOLD! So we did another "out with old and in with new" once we got home.
old chair:

new chair:

Makes a big difference and we are very happy with our decision.

This week end we moved to a local campground, White River Park, to camp with our motorcycle buddies. This is an annual event corresponding with the parks Halloween celebration and is always a fun time. We drove over Friday morning towing the Dakota behind the motorhome. After getting settled in Rudee looked around the coach and announced our next project! Our window valances were old, outdated and didn't match our "new" look so she decided we would recover them with new fabric. Her and Jany Runion jumped in our truck and off to Walmart they went telling Rob and I to "get busy" while they were gone. Our shower skylight was broken by the hail storm in South Dakota and I had patched it up with some duct tape and silicone to keep it from leaking. I received the new skylight a few days ago from the UPS man and it needed installed so I got out the ladder and tools. Rob and I changed out the skylight pretty quickly and sealed everything up with self leveling "goo". We were even done before the girls got back. :-)
Rudee picked out a dark gray material and Saturday morning we got started. The hardest part of this job was getting the valances off and then back on again. We had 5 valances to do and, with Rob's help, made steady progress but it still took the majority of the day to finish the job. Here is the before and after pictures.

None of us are professional upholsterers but it's a passable job for a bunch of amateurs. :-)
Today we will pack up and move back to our spot in our daughters driveway. We are waiting to hear from Amazon with our start date and Rudee has been mentioning how old and grungy the day night shades look with the new valances. OH NO! :-)  I'll keep you posted.


    I didn't know there was such a thing as RV Surplus.

    1. there are several in the Elkhart area and I love to go and browse. Picture large buildings with shelve after shelve of everything they use to build RV's. Need a switch they have boxes full of em, need a new axle just look on the skids out side the buildings, grey and black tanks no problem. They even have carpet, furniture, appliances, wall paper and left over decals.

  2. Amazon hasn't given you your start date? Have you checked with them? We had an email where they were asking those of us starting 10/28 if we could start 10/21 instead. We aren't able to, but sounds like they're still looking.

  3. Lookin' good in your neighborhood! Glad you and Rudee are enjoying your time in IN.

  4. Looks great! Enjoy your time with the grandkids!

  5. One project leads to another...and another...lol. Looks great!

  6. I like the new chairs, and would replace mine with them when the time comes. You would think by now the RV industry could come up with a blind/shade that works like those used in stix n bricks.

  7. Thanks guys- now ya got me moving to replace some bad strings on a couple blinds. I sure hope Wendy misses this blog')
    looks good!

  8. Those updates look great. Careful you may have a whole new bus those projects can grow to be quite a list.
    Sounds like things are a bit slower on the gates this year, We were headed there and changed mid stream, er road maybe, Anyway we changed our plan, have fun at Amazon, the Campbellsville group are quite nice folks.