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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter and a blast from the past

We got a call from Rob and Janie Runion Friday afternoon inviting us to take a motorcycle ride with them. They were coming our way to drop something off at our mutual friends Ron and Sandy Mendenhall's home.

We met them in Parkersburg Indiana at Ron and Sandy's and all six of us headed out with Ron and Sandy in the lead. We rode through the hills and hollows of Montgomery and Putnam counties headed for Rockville Indiana and the 36 Tavern. We had never been to this restaurant before (shocking isn't it, LOL) but had been by it a time or two in our travels. The restaurant/bar was decorated sort of "wild west" and had lots of animal heads mounted to the walls. We all ordered sandwiches but the steaks and chops they were serving to tables around us looked good too. We all enjoyed our meal and plan on going back again sometime.

Saturday morning the predicted rain came and settled in for most of the day. Rudee and I got some running around done. I needed some sturdier plastic totes for the back of the Dakota and found some nice ones at Home Depot. We also went to Wal Mart and bought a large duffel bag to store our vinyl skirting in this summer.

The KOA has turned on the water to all the other sites and we are making plans to move back to our "summer" home which is a site 2 rows over. We have the phone/Internet line set up to transfer to the other site next Friday and that gives us the entire week end to make the "big" move.

The rain quit about 3:00 and we went outside and took the skirting off the 5th wheel. We carefully packed it away into it's new bag and will store it in the front cargo bay until we need it next winter. I really think the skirting helped keep the 5th wheel warmer this winter. I doubt if we will save enough on heat costs for it to pay for itself but if it keeps Rudee's toes warm (and mine too!!) then it's worth it.

While we were outside working a class A motor home pulled in and the owners went in to the office to register. Rudee and I were carrying things to the trash and I kept looking at the motor home and finaly told Rudee "I think that's our old motor home". Rudee took one look at it and said "yep, sure is". What is the chance of that? We waited for the couple to come out of the office and talked to them a little while. They had just purchased it from a private individual from Kankakee Ill. We talked for a while and I gave them one of our business cards so they could call us if they had any questions on it. The motorhome is a 1989 Open Road by Allegro and we owned it for probably 2 years back in the mid 90's before trading it in on a toy hauler 5th wheel.

Saturday night we met Steve and Trish at 32 Wharehouse in Lebanon for dinner and basketball. How about those Butler Bulldog's??!!! I actually attended classes at Butler for a short time during my Paramedic training back in the late 70's so I guess I am kind of an alumni. Their coach went to high school in Zionsville and their star player is from Brownsburg which are both just a few miles away from us. It's pretty exciting seeing a small school reach the big game.

We are going to Amanda and Ryan's house for Easter Dinner and an egg hunt. They are expecting a big crowd of about 25 people so it should be a fun time. I'll keep you posted

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