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Friday, April 9, 2010

Moving day

Sunday we had a nice Easter at our daughter Amanda's house. She worked hard on a very nice meal which included cake and ice cream for our grand daughter Avalynn's birthday. There was quite a crowd as we also celebrated Easter Sunday. After our meal we found out the Easter Bunny had made a trip through the back yard and the kids were all turned loose to go and find the eggs. We all had a great time.

Work this week was pretty busy. We had severe storm warnings issued all around us Tuesday evening and there was some large hail just south of us. The storms missed us but I did have several beat up cars and trucks to inspect.

Rudee took the day off on Friday so she could take her parents to their doctors appointments. We figured this would be good day to schedule the phone line to be transferred to our normal summer spot. I called the phone company several days ago and set it up. We also let Jamie, the manager here, know we were going to make the move this week end.
I got up early so I could get the jump on my appointments and made it home early this afternoon. Rudee wasn't home yet so after a quick lunch I decided to go ahead and get the 5th wheel moved. Well that was my big plan anyway. You know what they say about the best laid plans! The first thing I did was to move the bike out from under the 5th wheel overhang. I was going to ride it over next to the new site but first was going to stop in the storage area where our truck is parked and get the Freightliner fired up to get the air built up and the engine warm. This is where things started to go haywire. When I tried to start the truck it wouldn't start. Battery was pretty much dead (or so I hoped). The battery is located in a battery box on the drivers side of the truck underneath and near the rear of the cab. I had backed the truck into it's spot and there were motorhomes parked very close on both sides of the truck so there was no way to get another vehicle close enough to use jumper cables. I got back on the bike and rode back to the 5th wheel and parked it. I gathered up all my extra electrical cords and my battery charger and walked back to the semi. It took 4 cords to reach the nearest electric box but I made it and was able to start recharging the batteries with the charger.

Fast forward a couple of hours and I'm back at the truck saying a little prayer and turning the key again. Whoo Hoo it started!! I got busy and rolled up all the cords, replaced the battery box lid and put away the charger. I let the truck run while I unhooked the utilities and brought the slide outs in. It's been a few months since I went through the hook up procedure and kept checking and re-checking everything. I was afraid I would forget something since I was out of practice but all went smoothly and I headed out. I drove/towed all of 200 yards and parked it in the new spot :-). Rudee made it home just as I was finishing unhooking and helped me get everything set up. Last thing to hook up was the phone line. I checked the phone at the old site this morning and it was shut down so I figured "no problem" right? Wrong!! We didn't have a dial tone on our new site either. Rudee called the phone company and they said they will work on it and should have the phone line turned on by noon tomorrow. We'll see.

We have some errands to run tomorrow morning and I am hoping to take a walk through the woods and see if we can find some mushrooms!! I'll keep you posted/

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