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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

walk in the woods

Saturday we got our errands ran and took a quick trip to Turkey Run State Park. The day started out a little cool but was supposed to warm into the mid 60's.
We arrived at the park and paid our $5.00 admission. We started out at the Inn where we grabbed a quick lunch in their dining room. We shared a salad and a very tasty chicken quesadilla.
With lunch out of the way we drove through the park. There were quite a few cars parked in the main parking lot by the Nature Center where most of the parks hiking trails begin and end. We drove on to a more secluded area and parked the truck in a picnic area parking lot. We headed into the woods and begin looking for mushrooms. We hunted for awhile but didn't find any. Rudee did point out lots of wild flowers and we enjoyed being out in nature. Mushroom season really doesn't start for a couple of more weeks or longer but with the warm weather we have been having I was hoping to find a few "early birds".
We headed out of the park and drove to Thorntown to visit Steve and Trish at their camper. They were just getting it opened up for the season so we called them to make sure they wanted visitors. We stopped on the way and picked up some firewood and a few groceries. Once we got there Steve and I built a campfire and roasted some hot dogs. The girls took care of the side dishes and we had a nice supper around the fire. It sure felt good to be back in the "camping mode" again. Sunday was supposed to be even nicer than Saturday so before we parted ways we made plans to meet for breakfast and take a motorcycle ride.

Sunday morning started out cool. We met Steve and Trish at the gas station/grocery/restaurant in Darlington Indiana. I wouldn't normally go out of my way to eat at a gas station but this place had a nice little cafe' attached to it that served breakfast and lunch. Rudee and I shared an omelet that was quite good.

By the time we had finished breakfast the weather had warmed up enough to shed our heavy coats and just wear our sweatshirts. We decided to ride to Nashville Indiana and walk through some of the shops there. We rode south on SR 231 to SR 67 and into the town of Martinsville where Rudee was born. We turned onto SR 252 and took it to SR 135 which turns into the main drag in Nashville. The trip took us about 2 hours and was a nice ride with very little traffic.

We parked on a side street in town and walked through a lot of the shops. We picked up some Salt Water Taffy at a candy store and Rudee found a nice shirt and purse at a place that was going out of business where everything was 1/2 off. She got a really nice shirt and a new purse for $20.00. We did make a stop at an ice cream parlor and found our fellow Goldwing friends Larry and Shirley Abbott sitting on the porch eating ice cream. We bought our treats and shared the porch with them. Larry and Shirley ride a really nice goldwing trike and have just gotten back from their winter home in Florida. We spent a little while catching up with them before heading back to the bikes.
We headed home making a stop to gas up and take a butt break about 1/2 way. We all made it home safe and sound and had a really fun day on the bike with friends.

The weather has been just about perfect this week. The temperatures have been almost 80 degrees and the sun has been shining. I put the awning out Sunday and we have been sitting outside some in the evenings. They are predicting a cool down for this week end though with highs in the upper 50's. We are walking in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk on Saturday morning with Amanda and Ryan. We did this last year and had a nice time. I'll keep you posted.

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