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Thursday, April 22, 2010


We attended our Goldwing Chapter monthly meeting last night and had a good time. We have a pretty large group and everybody gets along real well which makes the get togethers even more fun. We used to be able to sell 50/50 tickets to raise money to fund the chapter. A couple of years ago the state cracked down on this practice saying it was gambling and wanted their cut. Pretty ridiculous when we never made more than $100 on it. Big government at work I guess. Nowadays we have an auction of donated items and do even better on it than we did on the 50/50 sales. Last night was "auction night" so Rudee and I purchased a gift certificate from the KOA here for one night of full hook up camping to donate. We were kind of surprised at the final cost, over $46.00, for one night of camping. I thought this was extremely high and realize now why the campground has been mostly empty and why KOA's seem to get a bad name in the RV world. Our campground is nice but it is by no means a "resort" where you would expect to pay higher costs for the amenities and/or location.

Last week end when we were at Suters 5th wheel sitting around the campfire a car pulled up. I was a little surprised to see readers Bruce, Jennifer, Kurt and Lilly Sherrill. They also have a Montana 5th wheel and keep it parked at the same park. We first met up with them at the Montana Owners Club Fall Rally in Goshen last September where they were our neighbors and it was nice to see them again.

Speaking of Old Mill Run Park in Thorntown. We did check to see what sites they had available. We are pretty limited since we have to have a dedicated land line for Rudee's work. They do have a section of their park with phone lines but none of those spaces were open right now. We gave them our information to call us if a phone site become available and of course our friends will keep an eye open too.

Nicholas, our favorite Grand Son (he is the only grandson LOL), has a program at his school tonight. We are going to pick the kids up at their day care and meet Amanda at her house to save time. We are not sure if Ryan will be able to make it our not since he works in Ag. and planting season is in full swing and he has been putting in loads of overtime. The program should be entertaining and fun. I'll keep you posted.

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