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Sunday, April 24, 2011

April showers

I know the rain is good for the farmers and flowers but frankly I'm getting a little sick of it. I think it has rained 9 of the last 10 days with another line of showers and storms marching through today :-(.

Yesterday (Saturday) Rudee and I took a drive to the small town of Colfax Indiana. The town is pretty small and the largest business is a small hardware store which is also the local LP gas supplier. We can get our tanks filled here at the KOA and at several other business' here but the cost for one 30 lb tank varies from $25-$28. Wright's Hardware in Colfax charged us $28 for to fill BOTH of our tanks so the 30 mile round trip is worth it, even with the current (ridiculous) cost of gas.

Back at the 5th wheel I removed the extension hose from the propane regulator. I hook this hose up for the winter so I can attach the 100lb tank to the 5th wheel and remove it in the summer. It took about 10 minutes to get everything back to the "factory" set up.
I then started "summerizing" our site.
I got the awning out and tied down and placed the chairs underneath in case we want to sit outside. I also got our gas grille set up so I can do some cooking outside. Of course I'll have to undo it all if a storm comes our way :-).

We did get to take a short motorcycle ride to Brownsburg where we picked up our mail. The clouds were really starting to darken on the trip home and we knew today's rain was not far off. We made it home dry and it even started to clear a little bit but we didn't risk another ride. I guess riding a motorcycle on a cloudy day is like washing your car, sure way to make it start raining :-(

Our daughter Amanda and youngest grand daughter Olivia stopped by for short visit last night. We are all going to her house tomorrow to celebrate Easter. She is planning a large meal and an egg hunt for the kids. I'll keep you posted.

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