"if you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well Spring has sprung here in Indiana and with it comes a lot of wet weather and those dreaded storms and tornadoes.

Living in a 5th wheel (or any RV for that matter) you have to have a plan for inclement weather. Most RV parks have a sturdy building (usually the bath house) that can be used as a shelter. You certainly don't want to try and ride out a storm sitting inside your RV. You could easily find yourself sitting in the middle of field with little pieces of RV strewn around you!

We have a weather radio that we use when there is a chance for bad storms coming our way. I'll admit that it sits in a drawer most of time and we only get it out when we "think" it may be needed. Probably not the best way to use one of these, but I hate to have the thing go off in the middle of the night only to find out there is a flood watch 50 miles from us.

Last night we knew there were some storms coming our way and kept the radio on. We also kept a close eye on the TV radar. The storms looked to be growing in severity and about 9:00pm the radio warned us of tornado warnings in the counties west of us. We knew we would be next if the storms held together so Rudee started gathering up some stuff so we could "bail out" when the time came. She packs up important papers, a flashlight, some snacks, our cell phone charger and our bank books. This should get us by in case the 5th wheel gets hit.

The radar did not improve so we headed out about 9:15. We have had to leave once before and found the hospital to be the best place. It is just up the road from us and they have generators in case the power goes out.
Once we got to the emergency room we told the receptionist why we were there. I guess we had a pretty good plan because shortly after we got there 2 other couples from the KOA showed up as well. We all sat in the waiting room watching the TV until they put out a tornado warning for our area, that's when they moved us all into an interior waiting room to ride out the storm.

The waiting room had a TV and we watched as the storm blew through fairly quickly and by 10:00 the worst was over and we headed back outside.

We made it back to the KOA to find all the RV's safe and sound. There were quite a few limbs down and we later heard there were several roofs blown off of buildings and a semi truck blown over, all with in a few miles of us :-O.

I hated to leave the 5th wheel but knew it was best to be safe and was glad we had prepared a plan ahead of time.

We have been able to take some short rides on the Harley the past couple of weeks. This week looks like it will be too wet to ride though. They are predicting rain for almost everyday with the temperatures in the middle 50's - 60 degrees. Oh well guess that's just Spring in Indiana. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Glad you are OK, it has been some storm season already. Whew!

  2. It was wise of you to head the warnings and go to a safe place We are glad you are ok and did not suffer any damage to your rig. Be safe!