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Monday, April 25, 2011

look what the Easter Bunny brought us

Our daughter and Son in Law hosted an Easter dinner at their house. Everybody pitched in a dish and we had a ton of great food to eat.

After the meal all the kids were corralled while most of the adults hid Easter eggs around the outside of the house. Hiding the eggs was more work then it sounds because there were a LOT of eggs. Rudee guessed they hid between 300 - 400 plastic eggs :-O. I'll have to admit that the eggs were not really "hidden" because we ran out of hiding places after the first 10 eggs :-).

The kids were all let loose and ran all over the yard picking up the eggs. Once we were sure they had all been found we went inside the house to see what kind of treats the eggs held. Each egg had at least one piece of candy and all the kids (there were 8 total) had a nice basket full once they emptied their eggs.

We made it back to the 5th wheel around 5pm and Rudee suggested we go mushroom hunting. I grabbed our walking sticks and she stuck a Wal Mart sack into her pocket and we headed for the small woods behind the KOA.

We disturbed a deer when we walked into the woods and it was a treat watching it run, with tail up, across the empty field.

We hunted for about 20 minutes when Rudee spotted something about 20 feet away next to a fence row. She wasn't sure what it was but thought it might be a mushroom. I told her "no way, it was too tall and big around to be a mushroom but I will walk over and check it out", Holy Smokes, it is a mushroom, a really big mushroom!

Well the game was on! I spotted 3 more trying to get to the big one and Rudee was finding more as well! We ended up on our hands and knees crawling around yelling "here's one", "here's another one", "I just found 3 more". We were having a ball.

Our bag was soon getting heavy so I ran back to the camper and got another bag and we started filling it up as well. Here is our booty.

We laid them out and counted over 170 mushrooms and we were in the woods for less than an hour. My Dad sure would have loved doing that. He was a good mushroom hunter and always looked forward to the short season.

I got news today that my company may be "loaning" me to either Oklahoma or Iowa to help out for a couple of weeks. I should know for sure tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

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