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Monday, September 26, 2011

wet week end

This past week end was pretty much a wash out. Saturday we loaded up and drove about 15 miles to Thorntown where they were having the Festival of the Turning Leaves. We met our daughter Amanda there and walked around looking at all the craft sales. They have a parade that started at 1pm and we found a nice curb side spot to watch. Both of our grand daughters were in the parade. They participate in a tumbling/dance team through their school. They were so cute in their little purple out fits :-).
Right after the girls went by the rain started. Amanda drove over to pick up the girls and Nick, our grand son, hopped in with us. He wanted to spend the night and Rudee wanted to spoil him some more so ........ ;-)
The rain continued off and on the rest of the day so we decided to take Nick to a movie. We saw "Money Ball" which is a movie about the California Angels baseball team. Pretty good movie but really long, we were all ready to get up and move around some when it it ended.
Sunday we fired up the semi and drove Nick home in it. When we bought the truck it had 2 spare tires mounted on steel rims behind a home made diamond plate "box". I decided to chuck the worst of the two along with the box to free up some storage room on the bed. When I looked the tires over I decided neither were worth carrying anymore. One had a large split on the sidewall and was a no brainer. The other one was a re-capped tire and had never been on the road but the rubber had deteriorated on the side wall and just did not look reliable. I am not too confident on using re-caps anyway and of course you can't use them for steer tires anyway, so decided to chuck them both.
Son in law Ryan had some steel to take to the recyclers so I was able to add them to his "pile" so the rims will eventually be recycled.
Back in Crawfordsville (in the rain of course) we stopped at Wal Mart and put some fuel in the truck. Still have a little way to go to get it full but it's a little hard on the pocket book to fill it up all at once .... ouch!
Looking ahead to another week of work. Hopefully the rain will quit and Peyton Manning will recover so the Colts can win a game! I'll keep you posted.

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