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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

icing the cake

We dropped Nicholas off at Pizza Hut Friday evening enjoing dinner with our kids, our son Matthew was able to join us as well.

The cafe was fairly busy both Saturday and Sunday mornings. I try to be prepared in the kitchen by prepping what ingredients I need but it is hard to judge what people will order. Some days are "pancake" days where it seems like every other order is pancakes while other days it may be "omelete day" or "french toast day". There really is no rhyme or reason to it so we do our best to prepare and then just go with the flow. :-)

Monday we took a well deserved motorcycle ride. Rudee's parents both grew up near here so we explored some of their old stomping grounds. Her Mom lived in the small town of Saint Bernice but we were not sure of the exact house (if it is still standing). There is a group of buildings that at one time comprised the business district with several empty lots, some with the outline of the foundation of the building that used to be there, but all the business' have long ago closed down and the remaining buildings were abandoned. That seems to be the case in most of the small towns accross the U.S. and is a sad state of affairs. I know it's hard for our kids to even imagine what our daily life used to be like when you knew the first name of the local grocer and he knew you, your neighbor owned the local filling station/garage and your pharmacist knew your medical history and what medicines you were taking without using a computer.

Tuesday morning the boss man here at the KOA asked if I could help him pour some concrete. He wanted to make one of the cabins handicapped accesable and had already staked out the frame for a new patio. He also had framed an entry porch for the office door in the new building and thresholds for the two overhead doors.
The concrete truck arrived at 9:30 and we poured the areas at the shop first. Those were small areas and went pretty quick. The cabin patio was much larger and a lot more work. There were two other work campers as well as the boss man helping out and we were able to get the patio poured, leveled and smoothed out. Here I am "icing the cake" with my hand trowel.

One of the work campers had to leave Monday to return home. He was having some medical problems that he needed to take care of and we were sorry to see them go. Good luck Chip and Velma, it was great getting to know you guys and are looking forward to hooking up again somewhere down the road.

We are getting geared up for the July 4th weekend here at the campground and expect a busier than normal week end, I'll keep you posted.

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  1. You are a real handyman! That KOA must be happy to have both of you there.