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Sunday, May 26, 2013


Friday was a big day for us. We finished up Rudee's radiation treatments and are cleared to travel. They wanted to do follow up appointments in three months but we explained we are going out of state and not due to return until after October 1st. All the doctors said that would be fine and we have appointments set up with her Oncologist, Surgeon and Radiologist all on the same day.
We can finally start to "get back to normal".

The weather has not been the greatest the last several days, very grey and gloomy. The holiday week end forecast is for more of the same. They are saying the rain should hold off long enough to get the race in Sunday. We ventured out enough on Saturday to buy Rudee a new motorcycle helmet. I bought me one last week end when I rode to Illinois. We both needed new helmets but each one is a little different and you really need to try them on before buying. Riding buddy, Rob Runion, told me about a local Yamaha dealer that had some really nice flip style helmets on close out so we drove over and checked them out. Rudee likes the modular (flip up) helmet which is a combination open face with a drop down "chin bar" that converts the helmet to a full face style. Our old helmets were like this but were both at least 6 years old and pretty worn out. My new one is a 3/4 open face with a drop down shield to use when raining, I rarely rode with the old one in "full face" mode and didn't see the point investing in another one. I do like to have the face shield when we get caught in the rain or when it is cold. Rudee, on the other hand, keeps her chin bar dropped in place most of the time but likes to be able to raise it occasionally when she gets too hot.
We checked out the helmets and Rudee tried several on. We ended up buying her one that had been over $300 and was marked down to $99. They only had 5 of the modular ones left and we lucked out that one was the same color as my new one and was also Rudee's size. :-)

Sunday morning our son in law Ryan and I fired up his grille. We put a pork roast and a large slab of ribs on and slow roasted them for several hours. The girls fixed up some side dishes and I taught our grand daughter Avalynn where good ice cream comes from. :-)

In the Indianapolis area the race is blacked out on TV so it has been a tradition to gather around the radio and listen to the broadcast. Later tonight the local ABC station airs the taped telecast and we usually watch it then, of course we already know who won but it is still fun.
We gathered under our awning to listen, eat and just be together. I had a ball! :-)

Tomorrow we will start our preparations to leave. We have a lot of packing up to do since it has been almost two months since we have done any traveling. We are more then ready but it will be sad to say goodbye to the kids and grand kids. I'll keep you posted.,


  1. Good for you guys. Sounds like things are really turning for the good. Really looking forward to hearing about SD.
    Safe travels

  2. Glad to hear ya'll are cleared for travel. Look forward to the SD post. Judy and I are thinking about heading that way next summer.

  3. Whoohoo! Doing The Happy Dance for you, Rudee! I'm so glad you had the advantage of modern treatment options. Now go forth and have a whopping grand Summer! You both deserve it!

  4. So glad to hear you're headed back out. Enjoy!

  5. Glad to hear all the treatments are finished and you are ready to hit the road again. Travel safely!

  6. So great to hear Rudee's treatments went well and you two are getting ready to roll! Get out there and live it up!!!!

  7. Yeah for Rudee! You two get out there and have a blast now!