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Sunday, May 19, 2013

still looking

We have been busy the last few days looking to replace our Mt. Rushmore summer gig. We thought we had a strong possibility working at Custer State Park for the concessionaire there.  We were starting to get excited about living and working there and were just about ready to commit when, after getting a little more specific about the contract, we found out they take $240 out of your check for "housing and meals". Since we would be staying in the employee RV park we assumed the housing fee would only be taken out of one of our checks. Not so says the nice HR guy, the fee is taken out of both of our checks for a total of $960 per month taken from our wages. We both felt like this was an excessive amount and have decided to look elsewhere.
We would eventually like to do some volunteering for a free site sometime in the future. I know several of you do this and it is a great way to visit an area and get a free site in exchange for a little labor. Not a bad deal in our eyes. Right now though we are feeling like we need to make some $$'s. Our insurance (thank goodness we bought that policy last fall!) is a high deductible 80/20 plan and our savings account is going to take a big hit. We are not destitute (close, but still treading water! LOL) but we do want to replace that small cushion in case we have another big bill pop up on us.
We do have some other options and one that looks very promising right now. We will hopefully know a little more tomorrow afternoon.

Speaking of tomorrow, Rudee has her first two (of ten) radiation treatments. Last Friday we were at her surgeons office to have a catheter device inserted for the radiation, is is called Mammosite Treatment. The procedure was a tough one on Rudee but she was a trooper and we hope the worst is behind her. We will be spending our days at or near the hospital for the next week since they do one treatment first thing in the morning and then have to wait six hours to do the second one. The hospital is about 50 miles one way to the east side of Indy so we are going to take a picnic lunch and find things to do to occupy days between treatments. Friday will be liberation day and they will remove the catheter after her afternoon treatment and we will be done! You all have heard of VE day, well this is our VC day, Victory over Cancer! She, of course, will have follow up appointments and tests to make sure there is no return of the cancer but we should be ready to travel after the Memorial Day week end. Hopefully I can start writing about interesting things we are seeing and doing rather then all this boring medical stuff. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Hang in there! I keep seeing postings on WKN so hopefully something will pop soon. Prayers are continuing for Rudee's recovery. There's a light at the end of the tunnel and thank goodness it is not a train!

  2. We sure have Rudee in our thoughts and prayers! I've been asking around about job opportunities here. Will keep my fingers crossed that you find something to your liking.

  3. Hoping you are able to find a job real soon. So glad to hear Rudee is finished with her first treatment. Friday will be a big day for sure. Thoughts and prayers coming your way!

  4. So glad that Rudee's treatment will finished up soon. We hope that you guys find something soon. I know where we are going in Oregon at the Cedar Creek fish hatchery is looking for someone after we leave at the end of August. No $$ but free site :)

  5. Wow all that is very familiar. We were stronly considering Yellowstone for mid season, the pay for your site and FULL TIME hours were more than we wanted to deal with being in Yellowstone. If I am there' it is to see SOME of it and for them to expect you to pay ANYTHING for the site is IMHO not acceptable. Our plan is to head to Sedona, (Palatki) till Oct, then the gates in TX, (thanks for your help and insight). Good luck with finding something.

  6. That site fee is excessive in my opinion as well. Good for you for standing your ground. And no choice about the meal fees? That's just wrong. I know you'll find the right spot, and thank goodness the medical issues are almost behind you for the most part...I know how that feels!!