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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Indy 500

This post is not about race cars or the famous oval, instead it is about being in Indiana (when we were supposed to be in South Dakota!) and our 500th post. Wow, 500 posts, that's a ton of talking on my part. :-) I started the blog shortly before we moved into our 5th wheel while selling the house. Well the house sold, then we sold the 5th wheel and are now "motor homers". We have made some changes along the way but the dream is still the same. We hope you continue to follow along with us because, as most of you already know, things are rarely boring around here. :-)

Today was surgery day and we were up and on our way to the hospital bright and early. We were the first people to check into the surgery center but there was not too much down time. The nurse checked Rudee's vital signs and had her change into one of those sexy hospital gowns. :-)
She had to have one last procedure before her surgery where they placed a "guide wire" in order to "guide" the surgeon to the cancer. They no more finished that and brought her back to her room when they came and got her for the surgery. I was ushered to the waiting room where friends Jim & Becky Owens along with our daughter Amanda and husband Ryan sat with me. They called me to the desk in about 30 minutes. I was a little nervous since they said it would take at least an hour. The surgeon came out and everything went well, Rudee was fine and they felt like they removed all the cancer. They will test the tissues to make sure but he was very confident he got it all!
We spent the next few hours in the recovery room until she felt well enough to go home. She has been resting and our next appointment is on the 17th and then she will start radiation on the 20th. Looks like we may be able to head out sometime around the first part of June ..... back on the road, yee haw! :-)

A friend of mine sent me some photos (thanks, Dan Meno) of the flooded campground. They are still shots from a video taken by the news helicopter while we were being rescued. That's us down there being led to our rescue tractor by a fireman!

Lots and lots of water!

Rudee will be taking it easy for a few days but we are thankful that we are on the road of healing! I'll keep you posted.


  1. Wishing Rudee a healthy recovery! You are in my thoughts and prayers. AND... congratulations on your 500th post... what an accomplishment!

  2. Wow!!! I'm sure that they got it all!

    It sure would have been handy to have one of those MH that had pontoons in that flood.

    It's time for it to be back to RV normal..

  3. Glad to hear they feel they got all that nasty "C".

    Those are SOME photos, you two are film stars now!

    Continuing our prayers for you both.

  4. Good news for a change! Congrats on the 500th. We look forward to that ride. Found lots of great roads here in Colorado.

  5. So glad to hear that everything went well. Wow, those overhead photos sure put things into perspective. Amazing you didn't have any more damage than you did.

  6. We are new followers. So glad to read that Rudee's surgery went well. We look forward to meeting you down the road. In the meantime we will follow your adventures, and look forward to starting our own soon.