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Monday, May 6, 2013

let the healing begin!

I haven't been posting a lot the last week simply because I have been in a blue kind of mood. We have had a lot on our plates the last month and are sorting through it all trying to get our lives back to normal. We did get a settlement check on our motorcycle but even that didn't lift my spirits a lot because it was about $1000.00 less then what I thought the lowest figure would be. No arguing on my part would change their mind even when I presented them with hard evidence of the bikes value. The adjuster even lied to me about the options he supposedly included in the value calculations. Turns out he didn't include any of the options even after assuring me several times that he did so he could "get you the highest value possible".  Geico's attitude was we're a big company and you are a little nobody so "tough luck"! I filed a complaint with the Indiana Department of Insurance who governs how the companies do business in Indiana. Geico will have 10 days to answer to the state why they think the value of a motorcycle sold in January in far Northern Illinois is a reflection of the value of my motorcycle here in Central Indiana in May. It will be interesting to see how they address the lies and misrepresentations they did when handling my claim. In Indiana cashing their check does not mean the claim is closed and we can still fight for additional $'s so in the meantime we have busied ourselves motorcycle shopping and found this:

It is a 2011 Harley Ultra Limited and we got a great deal on it. We bought it off a co-worker of my brother who purchased it new and then regretted it. The bike was too big for him so he hardly ever rode it and the odometer proves it with less than 2400 miles on the clock. He came way down on his asking price and threw in a brand new Harley leather jacket ($400 in the catalog), a cover for the bike and a hydraulic bike lift. We were very happy with the deal and are looking forward to "breaking it in".

We got a call late on Friday and they found "something" on Rudee's chest ex-ray ("what now??!!"). They say it looks like scar tissue from an old infection but want to have a Cat scan to be sure. Today we did the Cat scan and are waiting on the results.  Hopefully this will not have any effect on her surgery tomorrow. We are both so ready to start her recovery and get our lives back on track again.
The bright side to all of this is we have been getting to spend a lot of time visiting with our kids and grand kids. :-)

In our spare time between doctor visits and rain showers, We have kept busy getting the trailer ready to haul the new bike. The wheel chock, shelves, diamond plate, and e-track have all been installed.

I also mounted this on the rear door.

Maybe our luck will change. :-)

Tomorrow we will be up really early to make the drive to the hospital. We have to be there at 6:45 and it is about an hour away. We are planning on Rudee being released sometime in the early afternoon and will then rest up back at the motor home  We are attending a Goldwing rally in Lebanon later in the week and will move the motor home to the fairgrounds on Wednesday. This is all dependent on how Rudee is feeling but we have our fingers (and toes!) crossed. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Sending along positive thoughts and tons of prayers!

  2. Good karma headed your way. The Bike looks good.

  3. Thinking of you tomorrow and sending prayers your way!

    The new bike is a beauty. I like the color. Looks like the trailer is all ready for its new resident!

  4. Looking forward to Rudee's update. Will be thinking good things.

  5. I'm not sure if I've ever commented on your blog. I've been following you guys for a while. I can't even remember how I found you. I just want to send my best wishes for a speedy recovery to Rudee. My mom had breast cancer 26 years ago. At that time, they just cut them off, no partial anything. However, she had reconstructive surgery done and has been cancer free since. I was also sorry to hear about your flood problems. Although it could have been much worse, that kind of stuff is never fun. We had a problem at a campground that had a low hanging tree over the main road that put a large tear in our roof. Their insurance company refused to deal with us and our company won't pay the full amount to have the roof replaced. Lots of excuses. Good for you for filing a complaint. They get away with too much!

  6. Looking forward to that ride soon. Rudee is in our prayers.

  7. I feel so bad for both of you. Prayers are being said for both of you, and the whole situation. Looking for better days in the future!