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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

busy day at Hinkel A-2H

I was up and down most of the night. I only had one vehicle enter our gate and he was lost and looking for the adjacent rig. I just couldn't sleep, afraid of missing an alarm I guess. I got up for good shortly after 3am and watched TV trying not to disturb Rudee.
Once daylight hit the gate got busy fast. We were only checking in the pick ups and 4 wheelers. The semi trucks we just waived through per the boss man's instructions.
We ended up having over 60 in and outs logged on our sheets and easily three times that many semis coming in and out.
The rig pad is taking shape and the actually rig is due in tomorrow. I'm not sure how long it will take them to raise the rig but it should be interesting :-)
The work is really easy. When a vehicle arrives we simply log them in getting the drivers name, company and license plate number. We log the date and time they arrive as well. Then when they leave we mark that time too.
Most everyone is friendly here and we are enjoying ourselves. The worst thing is probably all the dust stirred up by the traffic. Lots and lots of dust covering everything.
We were excited to see a water truck show up and start wetting down the road but they stopped when they got to our lane :-(
The company man Tim has promised us that a water truck will be here for us in the morning. That should help keep the dust down for an hour or two :-).
We saw two large birds across the road from us and once I was able to get on the internet we ID'd them as Common Black Hawks. They were busy hunting for food near the highway. Our only other wild life sighting was a small preying mantis and a butterfly :-) but we have been warned of the scorpions and rattle snakes. Let me tell you, that got Rudee's attention! I had to go purchase a long handled shovel in case we have to go on the defensive :-)!
We have gotten used to the constant hum of the generator. I expected it to be a lot louder then it is and now I hardly notice it at all. The rest of our utilities are continuing to work as they should so life is good here at the gate. I'll keep you posted

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  1. Welcome to the world of gate guarding. Since you've me Kit and Jerry, you've been introduced by the best!
    I'm also a Hoosier! Although I grew up in northern Indiana (Middlebury and Kendallville), my parents were both from the Terre Haute area ( Dana and New Goshen) so I've been through Crawfordsville many times! Not much like Texas, is it? ;)
    Best of luck to the two of you!