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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Wednesday night the wind picked up to a steady howl and rocked the 5th wheel most of the night, we even had some rain! Luckily I had already rolled the awning up being warned by the weatherman that a change was coming. The wind blew our patio rug around some. I normally stake it down on all four corners but the pad we are parked on is as hard as limestone and I could only get one stake to go into the ground :-0
I had large rocks on the other corners but they were not large enough :-)
I was a little worried about my cell phone signal booster antenna that is mounted on a telescoping pole. I use the small ball bungees to attach the pole to our ladder on the rear of the 5th wheel. I checked it several times during the night and it never budged. Good deal!
The drilling rig finally arrived on site and now all they gave to do is put it back together :-). The rig is spread out all over the pad and there are two very large cranes waiting to move all pieces into position and then hoist it all into the air so the crew can start drilling. They are anticipating "spading in" Sunday or Monday.
Tim and Earl are the boss' at this rig and they are called the "company men". Tim left early this morning and didn't return until well after dark, He was at the old drill site lighting a fire under the crew there to get the rest of the rig moved over to this site. He always stops and talks to us and fills us in on the activities of the day. He patiently answers all of our questions about oil drilling and life around a rig. He told me this evening that once they are drilling he will come and get us one at a time and give us a tour of the rig. How cool is that! I'm really looking forward to seeing and learning all about it.
Rudee made chicken wings and fried green tomatoes for supper. She even tossed my wings in Hooters hot sauce! I couldn't talk her into wearing short shorts and a low cut top while serving them though :-)
There are several generator powered portable lights at the drilling site that the drilling company has rented to illuminate the work site. The company that own them had people her all night last night setting them up and making sure they were all working properly. I was talking to one of them and he asked me if I knew we had a visitor last night. I guess there was a coyote sniffing around our 5th wheel around 1:30 this morning.
I was outside several times during the night but never saw the coyote which is probably a good thing :-).
Tomorrow they start raising the rig but it will take a couple of days to get it put together and vertical. I'll make sure and get some photos and I'll keep you posted!

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