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Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall back

The gate was actually pretty quiet last night and I slept for several hours straight. I did remember to move our clocks back an hour to adjust for daylight saving time, guess I got an extra hour of sleep, according to our clocks anyway :-).
I have been wanting to see some wild life out here in the boonies. There is a hunting ranch next door to us and I am always on the look out for deer and wild hogs.
This morning I stepped out of the 5th wheel just after dawn. Looking around some movement from the ranch next door caught my eye. I could make out a large tan colored shape and knew it was a pretty large deer. I went back inside and grabbed the camera telling Rudee to come out and see the big deer.
Back outside the trophy Buck had run off and in its place was a large brown cow grazing on grass :-) Whoops, guess I had "buck fever" there for a second :-) if you don't know what buck fever is, ask a hunter and they will tell you all kinds of stories, of course none of it ever happened to them :-)
I had to tell Rudee " never mind" and we both got a good chuckle at my screw up. I passed on another cow photo.
I did take a photo of our "utilities" here at the gate.
The back trailer holds our fresh water (round black tank) diesel generator and fuel. The water is pumped from the tank using an RV water pump connected to the 12v battery for the generator.
The other trailer holds our waste tanks. I leave our grey tanks open and only dump the black tank when it is full. The waste first goes into the small tank in the foreground that contains a sump pump which pumps it into the larger tank on the trailer. The company should be out sometime next week to refill the water and fuel tank and we will be good for another 2 weeks.
The gate was slower than normal today. When a vehicle comes through our gate we log in the drivers name, company name, reason for their visit, license number, date and time. The log sheets provided for us have 24 entries per page and we have been filling 3 pages most days. Today we only filled 1 1/2 pages and had a bit of down time between vehicles.
We have been here a full week now and are enjoying ourselves. The people are great to be around and are some of the most polite people I have ever encountered. Lots of "sirs" and "mams" spoken here :-).
The latest update on the rig is that they should start drilling late tomorrow or most likely Tuesday morning. I'm not sure how deep the oil is or how long it will take to get to it but they are welcome to take their time, I'm kinda liking this gig. I'll keep you posted.

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