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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Up, up and we're away!

We are settling into a routine here at the gate and are learning a lot of the "regulars" names and which white pick up truck they drive. Texas has lots and lots of white pick up trucks. I have never seen so many!
Now I'm a car guy but more specifically a "truck" guy and I'm having trouble telling the difference between the Dodge/Chevy/Fords that run through our gate. You have to picture the trucks. They are all white, have at least one tool box and have a big brush guard attached to the bumper so they all look the same.
Gets a little confusing at times but such are the challenges of a professional gate guard :-).
The company man, Tim, came to the gate early this morning and told us to close it down. "No one in or out, period"! He told us they were raising the rig to it's vertical position and for safety reasons have to limit the movements at the site.
I closed the gate and sure enough several vehicles arrived in just a few short minutes. They were not too happy to have to sit outside and one guy was downright p.o.'d saying it was "b%llsh#t" and he was calling the company man! He turned around and drove off! Funny thing was about 5 minutes later we were told it was safe to open the gate again :-). He got all worked up for not wanting to wait 5 minutes! Oh well, not gonna ruin our day by acting like a jerk :-)
The rig is now vertical and dominates our view in front of the 5er.
up we go:
a little higher:
we have a rig!
The business at our gate has been pretty steady with around 60 entries per day. Of course most of those 60 come back out. That's a lot of dings per day!
I'm not sure what to expect when they start drilling. Guess we are about to find out though, I'll keep you posted.

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