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Sunday, June 10, 2012

more wet, lots of crap!

We have had a busy week here at the KOA. Seems like the camping season is in full swing and we are seeing a lot of week end campers instead of just overnight travelers.

A couple of weeks ago I had a problem with my Android phone, everyone I called kept telling me they couldn't hear me. At first I thought it was just a problem with my location but quickly realized it was the phone. I made a trip to the AT&T store and ended up with a new "old style" I-Phone.
I like the new phone but like everything there is a learning curve but after a few days I am comfortable using it.
Wednesday night I plugged the phone into it's charger and sat it on the counter next to the bathroom sink in the same place I have sat my phones for the last 3 years we have lived in the 5er. Thursday morning I got up and found the phone sitting in a small puddle of water! I have no idea where the water came from, I looked and looked for any kind of leak and everything else was dry. I guess we must have splashed it out washing our hands or it might have been there when I sat the phone down. Either way it was a big "OH NO" moment.
I tried the phone and it did some really weird stuff. The screen would flash from one thing to another and none of the "buttons" would work ..... CRAP!
I used a hair dryer on it but that didn't help. One thing about the I-phones is the phone is not designed to be taken apart so I couldn't just open the case and dry things out. Time to head back to the AT&T store to find out my options. The young man there was very nice but didn't have great news for us. The insurance we have always had on our plan covered this but the deductible on i-phones is $200 not the $50 we were expecting .... CRAP! He gave us the forms to fill out and also told us about a place here in Terre Haute that repairs i-phones and they could probably repair it for less than the $200 deductible.
I had heard that the best way to dry a phone out was to put it in a bag of rice so we stopped at the grocery and bought some. Back at the 5er I dumped the rice and the phone into a zip lock bag and decided to let it sit overnight and see if that worked.
Friday afternoon I retrieved the phone, tossed the rice and gave it a go. The phone was working!! Yipee! The only thing I could find wrong with it was the screen has some water damage to it and has some shadows but i can live with that. Since I could not turn the phone off since it had gotten wet the battery was really low so I plugged it in to charge and ran into a problem. It wouldn't charge. CRAP! I decided to take it to the repair place and see what they could do for it.
I was met by a real life "geek" who knew way more about i-phones than I ever wanted to know! He was a very nice young man and took his time helping this techno limited old fart :-). He took the phone apart removing the two tiny, tiny screws in the bottom that I didn't even see, even with my high tech, no-line bifocals. Geez I feel old! He said the water damage was not bad and found that the charger cord was shorted out and we could just replace it and be good to go. He offered to replace the screen for $65 but we passed on that for now. I want to make sure everything is going to work it before we spend more money. So after 2 days with out a phone I was back in business and so far it has only cost me 78 cents for a bag of rice and a new charger cord for $7.00. Sure beats that $200 deductible!

Yesterday we met several of our motorcycle buddies at the Strawberry Festival in Crawfordsville Indiana. The festival has free entertainment every evening so we all brought our lawn chairs and sat together in front of the stage. The band was a Beach Boys tribute band and were really good. Brought back some great memories of cruising the strip with our 8 track blaring. Crap! I am getting old! :-)

We are off the next couple of days and hope to do some riding. I want to get our inflatable boat out again sometime. We have not gone paddling since we were in Mississippi back in March. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Yup, a bag of rice does the trick! Saved many a phone that way :) Technology is getting ahead of us too..just when we learn one thing, another gadget is coming out to learn.

  2. Funny you should mention 8 tracks. Just last night I was listening to Carole King's Tapestry on my Ipod with friends and mentioned that it was the first 8 track cartridge I bought way back when. Wow! Where did the time go. My mind doesn't feel 50 something but getting out of bed and looking in the mirror sure does! Glad you got the phone working.

  3. I am still interested in finding the original cause of the prolem - the puddle. I thought it could have been a toilet leak but since the phone was on a counter, probably not. Could a roof vent have been opened or leaked?