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Thursday, June 7, 2012

wet and wild

Monday I was looking forward to getting the Harley out and feel the wind in my face but I woke up to the sound of rain hitting the 5er's roof instead. :-( Well crapola, the weatherman was saying only a 20% chance of showers but from the looks of the sky and the radar we were in for rain pretty much the entire day.
Oh well, another lazy day relaxing in the 5th wheel is not too bad either. :-)

Tuesday we did venture out on the bike to visit Rudee's parents. The wind blew a little and it was a little cool when the sun was behind the clouds but at least the rain had stopped!

As most of you know we are doing our first work camping job in a campground. We are enjoying it most of the time but there have been times it is more like a "job" than an "adventure". I guess this is to be expected and we are committed to learning and experiencing all we can in this lifestyle.
We enjoy the interaction with the campers the most and the majority of them are very nice with only a few a-holes thrown in to keep us on our toes.
The biggest complaint we hear from our guests is the cost of camping here. The prices are typical of this chain of RV parks and there are a lot of added fees that can make a stay costly. The average base price for a full hook up site here is over $50 per night for two adults.
The sites are all pull through and come with cable TV and free Wifi but even with these it would be out of our budget.
I don't profess to be a marketing genius but it seems to me that more $$ could be made by lowering site fees and filling more sites vs. top dollar fees and less campers? Oh well, this is not my rodeo, I'm just one of clowns. :-)

One thing that amazes me though are the customers who have to have a site for their satellite TV. The park has a lot of trees and only a few sites where satellite "may" come in. We explain that there are over 70 channels on the cable TV that is provided at each site, just hook a cable up and enjoy. Seems like most of these folks are the ones in the higher $$ units and I am getting the notion they have no idea how to switch from their on-board satellite to outside cable TV. Of course these seem to be the same people that just can't go a single night without full hook ups, maybe they don't know their units "self contained"? :-)
Oh well, kind of started ranting a little there didn't I? Such is the life of a workcamper I guess, sometimes you just have to smile and scratch you head! :-)

The weatherman is now saying there will be a heat wave starting this week end with temps approaching the 90's, of course this is the same 20% chance of rain guy so who knows, it may snow this week end! :-) I'll keep you posted.


  1. The weather service invented the phrase "only xx% chance of rain", as a very clever way to insure they are never wrong.


  2. Ha. I think there are always a few a-holes thrown in for good measure no matter where I go. I just hope I don't become one of them someday.

    Enjoy your blog keep up the good workamping

  3. No matter the price, many just want it cheap or free. At the CG I am at the prices are very reasonable (cheap) $18 tent w/w&e, RV $20 w/WE and $3 for day use/boat launch. Some people complain like the prices are outrageous. In GA SP are $25 + $5 (parking) fee. Go figure

  4. Those prices would be beyond what a fulltimer could pay per night. However, for a weekender or vacationer, if a campground has all the amenities, it is about average.

    So as fulltimers we sure do appreciate the 9 - 15 a night we pay at COE's.