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Sunday, June 3, 2012

the week flew by

Wow, it's been a week since I posted a blog entry ..... yikes! I guess we were a little more worn out from Memorial Day week end then I thought.
Monday was a quiet day for us, we laid around the 5th wheel recuperating and enjoying a lazy day.

Tuesday we were up and out the door early, we had a graduation to go to! Our youngest (so far) Grand Daughter Olivia was graduating from kindergarten. Leaving the campground around 7:30 we made a stop at McDonalds in Brazil and grabbed a couple of breakfast sandwiches and headed right back out onto the highway. The drive took us a little over 1 1/2 hours to get to her school near Advance, Indiana.
Her class put on a small program and then each student was called up to receive their diplomas.

She is a cutee, don't ya think? :-)

Once the graduation was over we treated Olivia to lunch at Steak and Shake in Brownsburg and also made a stop at the UPS store to pick up our mail.

The temperatures the first part of the week were smokin hot. Thursday that all changed as some rain moved in and cooled everything down. We even had to turn our furnace on Friday morning! :-(
The cooler temps made it more comfortable to work in though and our shifts seemed to fly by. Before we knew it Saturday had arrived and it was back in the kitchen cooking breakfasts. This week end we had several campers who were in town for the Indiana Special Olympic Games and the cafe was pretty busy again this week end.

Today after work we ventured out in the semi so we could exercise that big diesel motor. The price of fuel has dropped significantly in the last couple of weeks so we decided to go ahead a fill the tanks. I really like towing with the big truck and it gives us the option of taking along our Harley but sure hurts when we have to fill those two big saddle tanks full of fuel! :-o
I had put some fuel in back in Vicksburg, Mississippi but only enough to feel comfortable for the trip home. The gauge showed between 1/4 and 1/2 a tank (or tanks in our case) and we ended up taking 140 gallons which is exactly 1/2 of what we can hold so our gauge is off a little bit.
I paid the $500 bill to the truck stop and was a little light headed and dizzy walking back out to where Rudee was waiting in parking lot, wow that hurt! :-) The good news is we can now travel a ton of miles and wont have to fill up again for a long time.
We have no real plans for our days off. I have not had the Harley out of it's little garage under the overhang of the 5er for a while. I'm thinkin I need to take a little ride ...... I'll keep you posted.


  1. Guess I'll quit gasping when our gasoline (not diesel) fill-ups cost $100. By the way, you have a VERY darling granddaughter!

  2. Ouch! And I thought filling the mh was bad. I find filling the bikes much easier.

  3. Feelin your pain at the pump. I cry when I fill my puny 35 gal. tank!