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Thursday, June 14, 2012

"work" camper

We have just started our work week and I'm already beat! Last evening the boss man had a long list of chores he wanted me to accomplish. There is a leak in the pool pump house in a pipe that goes into the ground inside the building and then underneath the outer wall and cement floor. The pool repair guys are coming out Friday morning to repair the pipe but needed access to make the repair. My job was to remove the outer plywood wall along with the trim boards. I got this done and was supposed to start breaking up the cement with a sledge hammer but we had two large families come in and were wanting to use the pool so the boss told me to hold off and day shift will do the cement demo. My next job was to seal the grout on the new tile floor in the cafe and move a bunch of unused equipment from the cafe to the attic of the shop. Once both of these jobs were done I re-installed all the trim around the walls of the cafe. This finishes up the tile floor in the cafe and it really looks great. In between all these jobs I was called several times to escort campers to their sites or pump propane. I was a busy guy! I don't mind though because my 5 hour shift flies by when I am busy.

Today's shift started at the pool. The boss and one of the other work campers had already removed the cement  so I started digging around the pipe. The leak was about 2 foot underground at an elbow so I cleaned enough of the dirt out so the repairmen could get to everything to make the repair. We had to remove part of the chain link fence surrounding the pool in order to get the bobcat close enough to remove the broken concrete, dirt and mud. Once all that was loaded up and moved the fence had to be replaced so the pool would be secure again. I worked on all this for about 3 hours and then headed to the shop. A couple of week ago the boss was in the attic over the office area of the shop and stuck his size 13 boot through the drywall of the ceiling below. OOPS! No one got hurt and I was glad the boss did it and not one of us work campers ;-). Anyway, I had to remove the broken piece of drywall from the ceiling as well as all the screws holding it in place. I then cleaned up the huge mess I created with all the broken drywall and dust. I looked like a big powdered doughnut once I was done :-). I needed another shower!
Tomorrow we work the early shift (8am - 1pm) and it looks like I will be installing some drywall and once the pool is repaired I will need to replace the wall, back fill the hole and we may even get the floor cemented again if time allows. We'll see how it goes and of course I'll keep you posted.


  1. Phil,
    Sorry to hear you are already beat. I don't feel worn out until day two! It does sound like you are indeed pretty busy.

  2. You are definitely keeping busy there. I guess it makes the days go by faster, which isn't always a good thing :)

  3. Wow that's too much work for me.

  4. Interesting Blog! I will have to come back to it when time allows. Sure wished I could locate work near the grands and relatives; no luck so far.