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Friday, February 22, 2013

change in the air

Our little slice of heaven here in Texas has started getting busier. There has been a noticeable change in the traffic patterns and the amount of vehicles we have visiting us. We started our split shift schedule earlier this week. I work the night shift and Rudee takes the daylight hours. That first night shift is always a struggle with me having to stay up for 18-24 hours straight. I did get a short cat nap in the recliner but I was sure ready to hit the sack once Rudee vacated the bed. :-)

Last week we had a visitor. Fellow blogger, work camper and gate guard Susan stopped by and paid us back for visiting her in January. She is currently waiting on a gate assignment and, like us, is on her second season as a gate guard.
We do enjoy visitors so if you happen to be in the area drop us an email. We would love to have you stop by.

We had a another visitor of a different sort also.

This guy, or is it a girl, showed up in the scrub brush across the road from the motorhome the other day. I managed to get a photo but those things are quick! Meep Meep!

We are at the half way point of our gate guarding for this year. Another 5 weeks and we'll head back to Indiana for a visit with family and then on to South Dakota for our summer work camping gig. Spring is in the air! I'll keep you posted.

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