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Monday, February 4, 2013

small world visitors

We had a slow week end with only a handful of entries in our logs which suits us just fine. I don't mind being a lazy gate guard since it pays the same as a run you a&$ off gate guard. :-)

Sunday afternoon I received an email from blog readers Max and Shirley. They were in the area waiting on their first gate assignment and thought we might like some visitors. Absolutely! We love visitors! They included their cell number so I called them right away and gave Max directions to our gate.
I knew they were from Indiana so we had that connection as well as being fulltimers and now gate guards. They arrived around 5pm and we sat outside under the awning getting to know each other. They mentioned they moved from Indiana to Florida several years ago and when we asked them where in Florida they told us they used to own a home in Zephyrhills! That is where our double wide that I inherited from my parents is located! Wow, it is a small world indeed. :-)
They had several questions about gate guarding and we did our best to pass on everything we could think of to help them along their way. I remember last year when we were rookies and showed up at Kit and Jerry Bertelsen's gate and they helped us out the same way. I always like to "pay it forward". :-)

Max and Shirley left just as the sun was setting. As they pulled out of the gate I flipped the flood lights on and decided to go ahead and close the gate for the night (or so I hoped). Rudee got busy making us something to eat and we settled in front of the TV in time to see the Super Bowl half time show and the second half of the game while munching on hot wings and nachos. Now that's Super Bowl food if I ever heard of any!
The game turned out to be really exciting. We were rooting for the 9ers because Jim Harbough used to be our Quarterback in Indianapolis. His nick name while here was "Captain Comeback" and he just about lived up to it again. Exciting!

I am looking forward to a trip to town on Wednesday to meet some of the other men at JJ's Country Store and Restaurant for lunch and some "guy time". I'll keep you posted.


  1. Glad to see your working but not so hard! We've been putting in a few hours a day. Doesn't take long for us to get in our 32 hours. Leaves lots of time for afternoons of hiking or going out in the jeep.

  2. We were rooting for the 49ers as well..we're surrounded by them here! Too bad it didn't turn out so well for them.

  3. Glad that you are happy with your gate. It looks like I may be on a gate sooner than I planned. Bob is trying to find one for me ASAP. Keep your fingers crossed for me.