"if you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room"

Friday, February 8, 2013

dust bowl or mud bog?

Two things gate guards despise are windy days and rainy days. Don't get me wrong though, we appreciate a nice cooling breeze on a hot day as well as the soothing sound of rain lightly falling on the roof of the rv while we are sleeping. :-)
But there is another side to it. The wind blows the dust into big clouds that cover EVERYTHING. The rain then turns all that dust into MUD. Yuck!
In the last week we have had both. The wind kicked up last week end and the dust was blown to the point we had "dust drifts", similar to snow drifts back home, in the road. Later that same day the wind shifted and blew all the same dust back across the road where it came from! :-)
Tuesday the rain started and turned all that dust into mud. What a mess! The road leading back to our site was now a quagmire. All the large craters were now full of water so there was no way to tell how deep they were. I experienced all this first hand when I drove to town Wednesday afternoon.
I made the trip to meet with some of the other gate guards at a restaurant in Cotulla. We take advantage of these trips and do our grocery shopping and other errands after lunch with the gang.
There were about a dozen of other guards there and I enjoyed swapping stories with them. After lunch I made stops at the post office, grocery and gas station. I also picked us up a couple of sandwiches and a Frosty at Wendy's for later. :-)
Next week will be Rudee's turn to meet with the ladies. Hopefully she wont have to use the 4 wheel drive on the Dakota to leave our little piece of heaven out here in the giggle weeds. :-)
Things have been drying out here and our starting to return to "normal" if there is such a thing in the world of Gate Guarding. I'll keep you posted/


  1. Even though we do a different breed of gate guarding, we also deal more with the elements than folks do who host at campgrounds. Right now we're awaiting the arrival of Nor'easter Nemo and possibly a foot of snow by Saturday morning! This life ain't for sissies, eh? :)

  2. It's these kinda stories that keep George away from a gate :)

  3. Wind here at Lake Mead has kicked up big time. I know there is dust blowing around but at least we don't have big clouds whirling about. Not sure I want to go rock climbing today. The wind might blow a boulder over!

  4. I remember the gate guarding days when we had a river flowing through our site. The caliche dust turned to slippery muddy clay that wanted to suck your shoes off your feet, if not flat out slide you on your behind into the muck. Didn't care much for that!