"if you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room"

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Shortly after posting my last update our service guy, Robert, pulled up. Our tanks are now full of water and fuel so we are good to go again, for awhile anyway. :-)
I always keep the on board water tank full when we are gate guarding. This gives us a nice reserve just in case they have trouble getting us serviced. Better safe than sorry.

Tuesday I decided to get up off my lazy rear end and do something ..... anything! I took a nice long (about 1.5 mile) walk. I need to do that everyday because it is just too easy to sit around here and get fat and lazy! Since it has been slow it seems all I do is go from the recliner to the patio chair and then back to the recliner again. That, coupled with three home cooked meals a day, is a recipe for disaster! :-)

Wednesday Rudee drove into Cotulla for the weekly Gate Guard get together. This week was the ladies turn. She left around noon, giving her time to stop at the post office and do a little shopping at Dollar General before meeting the girls at the restaurant.
While she was gone I finished up the laundry and defrosted the freezer. I also removed the ice maker from the freezer to give us some more room for food.
Our refrigerator is not the wide 4 door model so we are limited a little on space. The ice maker takes up quite a bit of the usable space in our freezer that we felt we could put to better use.
We already have a portable ice maker that we have used since starting our full timing and really love it. We can use bottled water as opposed to the "outside" water the RV parks, or in our case the company, provides which can be "questionable" as to origin, quality and taste.
We had never used the ice maker in the freezer since the water had been turned off for winterizing so taking it out was pretty easy. I removed the 4 screws that attach it to the wall of the freezer, unplug the wiring and pulled the unit out. I replaced the screws back into the holes and we will save the ice maker in case we ever want to install it again.
Rudee was pretty happy with the extra room and even brought home a half gallon of ice cream to fill up the empty hole. :-)

I surprised Rudee this morning with her Valentines gift. This was waiting for her when she woke up.

I'll be honest though, it was pretty tough figuring out a nice present being "locked" to this gate 20 miles from anywhere!
The candy and card I bought on my last trip to town and had it hidden in the Dakota. I hand picked the flowers right here next to our motorhome this morning and arranged them myself. :-) I guess my talents are expanding. :-)

We are seeing a little more activity and looks like they are preparing for the next phase of work at our site. Looks like we may start getting a lot busier in the next week or two. I'll keep you posted.


  1. We have the 2-door fridge also but after we had been here for a wee while I bought a dorm-sized fridge at Walmart. It's perfect for overflow, especially around the holidays. I think you did a great job with finding flowers! Hope Rudee had a great time with the gals. That's what I miss - a good gab fest with other women. :)

  2. George loves his portable ice maker too. How nice of you to have that waiting for Rudee..very romantic ;)

  3. What a lovely Vaentine for Rudee. I too took out the ice maker for the extra room. Sometimes you're just not too sure of what comes out of the spigot! I can deal with making ice for now.
    It's my turn to wait for a gate. I'm here at the office, maybe a visit?