"if you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room"

Monday, February 11, 2013

"that just aint right"

We had a fairly quiet week end and enjoyed the cooler temperatures. We have left the windows open each night which makes for nice sleeping. :-)

Our gate is right at the end of the little dirt county road ..... almost. The road makes a 90 degree turn right at our gate and there is another pad and gate about 1/4 mile past us. There is no gate guard there but there has been a lot of activity the last couple of weeks. The workers arrive early and then leave as it gets dark so there is quite a few vehicles in and out. They do not come onto our property so we do not have to sign them in or out thankfully because, even with the turn in the road, they don't slow down much. Saturday evening I was out grilling a steak for dinner shortly after dark. I had all the flood lights turned on and they do a pretty good job of lighting the area. The workers were leaving the other site so there was a fairly steady stream of vehicles passing by the front of the motor home but then one of the vehicles seemed to just stop in front. I could hear his diesel engine idling but didn't give it much thought. After a minute or so when he didn't pull away I walked around the front of the motor home to see what the problem may be and if he needed any help. The passenger was out of the truck with the back door open and it was quite obvious what he was doing just by the way he was standing! He had his back to us but "Dude"! "Find another place to take a whiz". Now I have been somewhat of an outdoorsman so understand when "ya gotta go, ya gotta go", but there is a 1.5 mile road ahead of you with nothing on it and you choose to stop in the road in front of the only occupied structure with flood lights shining bright? I guess maybe he needed to "see" what he was doing? That just aint right. :-)

Sunday we needed to get a letter into the mail so Rudee sent me into Big Wells for that errand. Now if Big Wells is "big" I would hate to see Little Wells. :-)
There are a few houses, a post office, a gas station/mini mart combo and a small restaurant/bar. I was going to bring some lunch back as a treat for Rudee and I so planned to get a carryout meal at the restaurant. Unfortunately it was closed on Sundays. :-(
I stopped into the mini mart to check it out and there were some guys in there ordering food so I decided to check out their menu. The guys in front of me got their order and headed back to their vehicles since there are no tables or chairs of any kind. The menu board was up and turns out the only thing they offer on Sundays is Manudo. We had been forewarned of this Mexican delicacy last year and decided it wasn't for us. They make it out of intestines and either pigs or cow feet. For some reason I didn't think this would be a "treat" for Rudee so I passed. Guts and feet in a soup? That just aint right!
We are getting pretty low on water and diesel fuel for the generator. Our service guy has not been out for awhile, in fact it has almost been two weeks since we saw him last. I will give him a call this afternoon if he doesn't show up before then. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Menudo is made from tripe.. the honeycomb looking intestines. I haven't heard of using the feet... but, hey... if you're gonna slaughter an animal why not use it all? So... did you take her back McDonalds?

  2. Oh no way! Sorry, but I know men can go where they want for the convenience of it, but really :)

  3. I decided never to try menudo after the experience of living next door to a family in El Paso that actually cooked up a big black kettle of the stuff one weekend. Such a godawful odor I hope never to smell again! Supposedly,though menudo is great for a hangover. Never tried it; never will. You're right; that was so NOT right what the trucker did. I mean really . . . Hope you get water and fuel pronto!