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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Florida RV SuperShow Day 2

Larry and Sue arrived at our rig right at 8 am and we hopped in the Dakota to head for our second day at the show. We made a stop for breakfast at the Sunshine Eatery in Zephyrhills. Every time we pass this restaurant the parking lot is packed and we figured that was a good sign. When we arrived we got one of the last parking spots available and there were only a few empty seats in the restaurant. Breakfast did not disappoint and the servings were HUGE. Rudee and I split a meal like usual and I think all four of us could have shared our meal, it was that big!
After eating we were more then ready for a little exercise. When we arrived at the show we were pleasantly surprised to find it not as busy as yesterday. Our first stop was the Amazon booth where we caught up with the crew working there. We then made our way to the seminar tent where we attended the "Weight and Tire Safety" seminar given by the RVSEF and presented by Howard Payne.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon wandering through all the different vendors. I couldn't talk Larry and Sue into buying a new rig but they did get a sign to display in front of their motor home. :-)

We made one last pass through the last vendor building and ran into Howard and Linda Payne. We had the chance to talk with them for awhile and enjoyed being able to catch up.

Rudee and I really enjoyed our days at the show, the place really is huge and if you are seriously looking to buy a new rig this would be a great way to comparison shop. They also have factory representatives at almost every dealership who could answer all the "hard" questions. :-)

We are not sure what is in store for us the next several weeks. We are still on the hunt for part time work and have put out some feelers but no real possibilities yet. We answered an ad in Work Camper News for a job working at the Strawberry Festival next month. The job will only be for about 10 days but at least we'll be making a few $'s for some diesel fuel. I'll keep you posted.


  1. i was going to message you about the Strawberry Festival, you beat me to it! I'll see how you guys like it ;-).

  2. We were sitting in front of you. That's my husband's shoulder to the right in your picture. Wish we knew that was you. I am really curious about your Crazy Horse work stint.

    1. Page,
      If you click on the link on the upper right on our blog page "view complete profile" you will find another link to email us. We can answer any questions you have or if you guys are still in the area we can get together and meet in person.


  3. With all that walking you have been doing, maybe you can be Pickers, not packers this fall!