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Thursday, January 23, 2014

golf and fishing

I have been playing golf with some of the guys here in the park every Monday and Wednesday mornings. The weather has been a bit on the cool side when we tee off at 8 am but usually warms up by the time we finish the front nine. My game is starting to come around a little. I have been hitting the ball better and am working on my accuracy and consistency. I have no disillusions of becoming a pro on the senior circuit but just want to be able to be the kind of player others like to play a round with. Golfers will understand that last sentence because it seems the worse your "partner" plays the worse the round is, or at least seems to be. :-)
Tuesday Rudee and I drove to the Clearwater area to do some sightseeing and some fishing off the public pier in Reddington Beach. We used to come to this area for vacations when the kids were young and we could afford renting a small condo on the beach. We have a lot of great memories of this area. :-)
I have fished at the pier before with mixed success and was just looking for some relaxation and to enjoy the view.
My son had given me a Gander Mountain gift card for Christmas and I was able to stock up on tackle so the only thing I had to purchase was some squid for bait. We got all set up and after about 20 minutes I was hauling in the first catch of the day.

Holy Crap, that's a Hammerhead Shark! That sure makes you pause a little knowing I caught this only a few hundred feet from the beach where people swim. I know it was just a baby but it's Momma (and Poppa) are out there somewhere. :-o

I ended up catching two Hammerheads before the wind and clouds picked up and after a couple of hours we called it a day. The weather is supposed to remain on the cool side the next couple of days and we even had some frost this morning. While it is certainly not as bad as it is back home I am still looking forward to playing golf while wearing my shorts. I'll keep you posted.


  1. That shark is awesome! Does it taste like chicken? ;)

    1. I was afraid that was what the shark was thinking about me!

  2. Sounds like you're having a food time.
    Just thought I'd send a "Hi" from Bill and Loretta (they know you from Crazy Horse). They work with me here in AZ. Loretta has been giving me rides to physical therapy until I got a car.