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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! We spent our last days of 2013 visiting family and getting things ready to head back down the road.
We were able to spend an afternoon with our son and daughter in law. They had just returned after spending the holidays with her family in Pennsylvania so we were able to celebrate a slightly delayed Christmas with them. :-)

We decided earlier this week that Friday would be our departure day hoping to avoid a "possible" nasty winter storm that is supposed to hit early next week. Unfortunately we woke up this morning to this

We have about 2" on the ground and the temps are supposed to drop into single digits tonight. They are saying no more snow for a couple of days so we should have a window where we can safely leave as long as the rig isn't frozen to the driveway. :-o

With our departure looming there was one more project I wanted to get done and that was replacing the rear TV with a new flat screen. The install wasn't too difficult and I am going to finish out the interior cabinet so we can use it for additional storage.
Here is the original "boat anchor" TV

and the new "lightweight" flat screen

Our plan right now is to head to Florida for some warmth and sunshine. We are still looking for a couple of part time jobs to help slow the flow out of our savings account and have a couple of remote possibilities but no firm offers yet. We have a couple of small projects we want to do on our retirement home down there but then we'll be free to land just about anywhere. The work we have planned shouldn't take but a couple of days so even if we land a job elsewhere we can still get things done.

We have also decided to take the Harley south with us. We were torn and had almost decided to leave it here in Indiana and pick it up next spring. The kicker was the fact that if only one of us gets a job or we get jobs at separate locations it would be nice to have two modes of transportation. Well that and Rudee got tired of finding me out in the cargo trailer sitting on the bike going "Vrooom, Vroooom" with a sad look in my eyes. :-)

We are both looking forward to a great 2014. We are hoping the challenges we experienced in 2013 are behind us, we need the break! :-) I'll keep you posted.


  1. We leave Fl Monday and plan to stay overnight in Atlanta. Let us know if we'll be crossing paths. Weather is overcast and rainy here. Drive safe.

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