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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

and the beat goes on .....

Sorry for my lack of posting. There has not been a whole lot happening here except the usual. we did get together with Steve and Trish Saturday and attended the Indianapolis Flower and Patio Show. I had won the tickets from a local radio station by being the 9th caller so aside from the $3.00 parking fee it was free. We checked out all the displays at the show and when they wanted to talk to us about new gutters or adding a deck or screen room we thought it was pretty cool to tell them we lived full time in a 5th wheel and were not interested, "Thanks anyway".

There were a couple of other shows going on at the same time in different buildings at the fairgrounds. I couldn't talk Rudee into going to the Reptile Show but I did talk Steve into going into the gun show with me. The girls wanted no part of it and decided to wait in the car and we promised we wouldn't be long.

I am a confirmed "people watcher" and let me tell you, the clientele for the gun show was quite a bit different than the clientele for the flower show :-). Steve is a retired police officer too and he has a nice small handgun that I always admired and was looking for one similar. We looked at several and I ended up finding one for a really good price and decided to go ahead and buy it. I filled out all the paperwork, showed them my I.D. and carry permit, paid the bill and we headed out. Now all I had to do was break the news to Rudee :-).
She was a good sport about it and I even got to ride home "inside" the car instead of chasing along behind it :-).

I have a couple other handguns that I have had for several years that are really too bulky to carry without looking like Wyatt Earp in the old west. My new one is smaller and can be carried comfortably inside a waist band and no one will even know I have it. I hope to never, ever need it but am confident with all the training I have received that should the need arise I can handle the situation.

The weather has been very "spring like" around here. The Easter Lillies are poking through the ground and will soon be blooming and that means that the Morel Mushrooms will not be too far behind. Can't wait!

We are going to meet our Goldwing friends tonight at the L & M Restaurant in Ladoga In. for dinner. This weekend we are planning on attending the Midwest Truck Show in Louisville Ky. The show is free and has several buildings full of "truck stuff". I can feel the testosterone flowing already :-). I will make sure Rudee reminds me to take the camera so I can get some photos for you, and I'll keep you posted.

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