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Friday, March 26, 2010

this 'n' that

I forgot to mention in my last entry that we have our washer/dryer back. Camping World called me Tuesday morning and said they have it fixed. I guess the belt came off? That's what they are saying anyway. The tech just had to re-attach it and they ran it through a cycle to make sure it was working properly. I drove over there Tuesday afternoon and picked it up. I thought $131 for the repair was a little steep and told them so. What really burns my grits was the $11.00 charge for "shop supplies". I asked what supplies I was paying for and if they had an itemized invoice of the supplies they used for my job. They just told me it was a "standard charge". I told them it looked to me like just another hidden profit scheme and told them I doubt if they ever will see me in their service department again. I have no problem paying a fair rate for their labor and services but I don't think tagging on "extras" just because it is "standard" is the right way to do business.

Rudee helped me unload and with the help of a 2 wheel dolly, we got the unit back in it's place in the closet of the Montana. Rudee tried it out and all is well. We are back in the laundry business!

I had to go into the office Wednesday and the manager was having a meeting with the inside staff. During the meeting the big boss from the other office here in Indianapolis came in and the two of them had a meeting. I left shortly afterwards and found out yesterday that they had told her she would no longer be a manager and not sure she would have a position in the "new" structure. I guess they are closing down her office but this is the first demotion/layoff I have heard about for awhile. I was told a couple of weeks ago that we would be reporting to the other office from now on and they moved my manager over there last week so there may be some hope for us yet. Nothing to do but wait and see I guess.

Yesterday was frustrating. The reason I had to go to the office Wednesday was for an on line computer upgrade. I did the upgrade but it did not work right. I called the help desk and left a message at 10:30. They called me back at 3:30 and told me they could not do anything unless I was connected at the office (I left after waiting an hour for them to call). I got the techs number and arranged to call him Thursday morning so he could fix my issue. Fast forward to Thursday and I called him when I arrived at the office shortly before 9am. I got his voice mail so left a message. Called again at 10:15 and left another message. Called again at 11:15 and he finally picked up the phone. The download and fix took him about an hour. It was a long morning just sitting around waiting.

We are heading out early tomorrow morning for the truck show in Louisville. We are meeting Steve and Trish in Lebanon and will be staying in Clarksville Indiana which is just across the river from Louisville. We are looking forward to the trip. I'll keep you posted.

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